Definition of Long distance telecommunications service

Long distance telecommunications service means service that carries calls to exchanges that are not within the local calling area of the originating number. (5) "Primary interexchange carrier" or "PIC" means a provider of presubscribed inter-LATA or intra-LATA long distance telecommunications services. Presubscribed facilities-based carriers of long distance service, resellers of long distance service, and local exchange carriers providing long distance service are included in this definition. In those local exchanges where intra-LATA equal access is available, customers may receive presubscribed long distance service from more that one (1) PIC (one (1) for inter-LATA and one (1) for intra-LATA toll) or may select a single PIC that provides both inter-LATA and intra-LATA toll service. (6) "Primary local exchange carrier" or "PLEC" means a carrier to which a customer has presubscribed for local exchange service. (7) "Properly disputed" means the filing of a complaint, either verbally or in writing, with the commission. (8) "Telemarketing" means the use of telecommunications in marketing campaigns to reach prospective purchasers and sell them goods or services.