Definition of Lockup Period Expiration Date

Lockup Period Expiration Date means the later of (i) one hundred eighty (180) days following the Effective Date and (ii) such lockup period expiration date as may be required by the underwriters in connection with the Qualified IPO.

Examples of Lockup Period Expiration Date in a sentence

In the event the Shelf Period is suspended as contemplated by the preceding sentence, the Company shall promptly use commercially reasonable efforts to become eligible to use Form S-3 as soon as practicable after such suspension.(c) Shelf Take-Downs.(i) An offering or sale of Registrable Securities pursuant to a Shelf Registration Statement by any Holder (each, a “Shelf Take-Down”) may, subject to Section 2.09, be initiated at any time on or after the Lock-up Period Expiration Date by Navy.