Definition of Local Telecommunications Services

Local Telecommunications Services means the provision of local exchange services, including but not limited to voice service, customer calling features, CLASS features, Voicemail, and DSL services by WIN to End Users pursuant to this Agreement.
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Examples of Local Telecommunications Services in a sentence

The following parties filed reply comments: Association of Communications Enterprises; Association for Local Telecommunications Services (ALTS); PageData; Qwest; Sprint; Verizon; Voicestream Wireless Corporation; and WorldCom.
PSC Regulation Docket No. 10 ("the Docket 10 Rules") and to its existing "Interim Rules Governing Competition in the Market for Local Telecommunications Services" first adopted In The Matter of The Development of Regulations For The Facilitation of Competitive Entry Into The Telecommunications Local Exchange Service Market, PSC Regulation Docket No. 45 (the "Docket 45 Rules").
Cooperative SOLUTIONS, LLC $1,800,000.00 Contract Maryland State Contract Number 060B34900213 - Local Telecommunications Services - Municipal Telephone Exchange - Req.
Association for Local Telecommunications Services (ALTS) The ALTS is the trade association that represents the builders of high-speed local communications - CLECs that are "facilities-based." ALTS was founded to harness the shared energy and vitality of the new local competitors--and to help ensure regulations for robust competition, spawned by the 1996 Act, are implemented and enforced.
IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED THAT: Mobilitie, LLC's Application for Certificate to Provide Competing Local Telecommunications Services is approved.