Local franchise definition

Local franchise means any franchise, agreement, permit, license or similar authorization, regardless of its name, which:

Examples of Local franchise in a sentence

Local franchise and other requirements may present inordinate delays for new entrants.

Local franchise services HK-1E : COMPUTATION OF STATUTORY INCOME FROM PIONEER BUSINESS Name Income Tax No. Enter ‘X’ in the relevant box.

Local franchise brands sell cheap products by complying with international network franchise standards.

Local franchise authorities and cable television system operators may enter into mutual agreements that re- quire the installation of EAS equip- ment before the required dates listed in the tables in paragraph (a).

Local franchise authorities (LFAs) typically issued only one franchise in a particular geographic area.

Local franchise authorities are allowed to establish procedures under which the cable operator may utilize unused PEG channel capacity for other services.

Local franchise services HK-1E : COMPUTATION OF STATUTORY INCOME FROM PIONEER BUSINESS Name Tax Reference No. Enter ‘X’ in the relevant box.

Local franchise counsel should be asked to explain these restrictions.

A ‘‘wireless cable operator’’ is the entity that has acquired the right to use the channels of a wireless cablesystem for transmission of program- ming to subscribers.(d) Local franchise authorities and cable television system operators may enter into mutual agreements that re- quire the installation of EAS equip- ment before the required dates listed in the tables in paragraph (a).

Local franchise authorities may use any EAS codes authorized by the FCC in any agreements.* * * * * § 11.12 [Removed and Reserved]■ 4.

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Franchise means the initial authorization, or renewal thereof, issued by the Village, whether such authorization is designated as a franchise, agreement, permit, license, resolution, contract, certificate, ordinance or otherwise, which authorizes the construction or operation of the Cable System.
Franchise Agreements means all of the franchise agreements to which the Issuer or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries is a party as a franchisee, whether entered into on, prior to or following the Issue Date, as the same may be from time to time amended, modified, supplemented or restated.
Franchisor means the same as that term is defined in 16 C.F.R. Sec. 436.1.
Franchisee means the person defined as such in the Franchise Agreement;
Local Vendor means any business which:
New Franchise Agreement means the franchise license agreement to be entered into between Buyer and the Franchisor, granting to Buyer a franchise to operate the Hotel under the Brand on and after the Closing Date.
Local Business as used in this policy means a company that has an ongoing business within geographical boundaries of SCAQMD at the time of bid or proposal submittal and performs 90% of the work related to the contract within the geographical boundaries of SCAQMD and satisfies the requirements of subparagraph H below.
License means the terms and conditions for use, reproduction, and distribution as defined by Sections 1 through 9 of this document.
Local content means that portion of the bidding price which is not included in the imported content provided that local manufacture does take place.
Franchise Area means the area within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City, including any areas annexed by the City during the term of this Franchise.
Local Loop refers to a transmission facility between the main distribution frame [cross-connect], or its equivalent, in a Sprint Central Office or wire center, and up to the demarcation point (e.g. Network Interface Device) at a customer’s premises, to which CLEC is granted exclusive use. This includes all electronics, optronics and intermediate devices (including repeaters and load coils) used to establish the transmission path to the customer premises. Local loops include copper loops, hybrid loops, FTTH loops, DS1 loops, DS3 loops and Dark Fiber Loops.
local municipality means a municipality that shares municipal executive and legislative authority in its area with a district municipality within whose area it falls, and which is described in section 155 (1) of the Constitution as a category B municipality;
Local Personnel means such professionals and support staff who at the time of being so provided had their domicile inside the Government’s country.
Local entity means a city, village, town, county, qualified lake association, nonprofit conservation organization, as defined in s.23.0955 (1), town sanitary district, public inland lake protec- tion and rehabilitation district, or another local governmental unit, as defined in s. 66.0131 (1) (a), that is established for the purpose of lake management.
Franchise Fee means a direct or indirect payment to purchase or operate a franchise. Franchise fee does not include any of the following:
Local means physically located in the same ILEC Local Exchange Area as defined by the ILEC Local (or “General”) Exchange Tariff on file with the applicable state Commission or regulatory agency; or physically located within neighboring ILEC Local Exchange Areas that are within the same common mandatory local calling area. This includes but is not limited to, mandatory Extended Area Service (EAS), mandatory Extended Local Calling Service (ELCS), or other types of mandatory expanded local calling scopes.
Franchise Agreement means the franchise agreement with the Secretary of State referred to in Schedule 3;
local community means any community of people living or having rights or interests in a distinct geographical area;
exclusive economic zone ’ means the zone established by Presidential Proclamation Numbered 5030, dated March 10, 1983, including the ocean waters of the areas referred to as ‘‘eastern special areas’’ in Article 3(1) of the Agreement between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Re- publics on the Maritime Boundary, signed June 1, 1990;
Existing Franchise Agreement means that certain franchise license agreement between the Seller and the Franchisor, granting to Seller a franchise to operate the Hotel under the Brand.
European Economic Area means the member nations of the European Economic Area pursuant to the Oporto Agreement on the European Economic Area dated May 2, 1992, as amended.
Local Facilities means working capital facilities provided to a Grantor (other than Beverage Packaging Holdings (Luxembourg) I S.A., Beverage Packaging Holdings (Luxembourg) II S.A. Beverage Packaging Holdings (Luxembourg) III S.à.r.l. and the Borrowers) by a Local Facility Provider and “Local Facility” means any of them.
Retail Business means those activities that constitute the provision of goods or services by the Appointee directly to one or more customers, and such activities ancillary to such provision including ownership of meters, and that are so designated from time to time (which designation, for the avoidance of doubt, shall be reversible) by the Water Services Regulation Authority or by such person or persons as may be nominated by the Water Services Regulation Authority to do so, but for the avoidance of doubt shall not include the following:
Local anesthesia means the elimination of sensation, especially pain, in one part of the body by the topical application or regional injection of a drug.
CCR means the California Code of Regulations.
Stores means and include what the Contractor agreed to supply under the Contract as specified in the Contract and shall include inter-alia goods and materials, equipment, machinery, components, instruments, appliances, accessories and plant