Local Bar Association definition

Local Bar Association means (1) in Baltimore City, the Bar Association of Baltimore City, or (2) in each county, the bar association with the greatest number of members who are residents of the county and who maintain their principal offices for the practice of law in that county.

Examples of Local Bar Association in a sentence

  • Each Affiliated Local Bar Association shall promptly fill vacancies as they occur among its Governors, certifying the new Governors promptly to the Executive Director as the Governors are selected.

  • The Affiliated Local Bar Association shall certify to the Executive Director the identity of its selected Governors, promptly upon the making of the selections.

  • The Law Firm is also entitled to disclose the information entrusted by the Client and/or relating to legal services provided to the Client by the Law Firm in the course of internal review and/or professional investigation either in disciplinary or ethics procedure, when the review or investigation is conducted pursuant to rules of the Local Bar Association.

  • Each Affiliated Local Bar Association shall be entitled to select one Governor for each 200, or fraction thereof, of its members who are CBA members entitled to vote.

  • For purposes of this Section 5.2(a)(5), if a Governor who was selected by an Affiliated Local Bar Association fails to attend two (2) successive meetings of the Board of Governors, the President may deem that absent Governor’s seat to have been vacated as of the first of those missed meetings.

  • Except as is otherwise provided by the rules governing the Affiliated Local Bar Association from which the Governor is selected, the Governor shall serve for two (2) years and until that Governor’s successor is selected and qualified.

  • Each such nominee shall have the qualifications required by these Bylaws for the respective office and, further, each nominee shall have that nominee’s principal office within the same Region as the person nominated for that office by the Nominating Committee and shall be a member of an Affiliated Local Bar Association within that Region.

  • A Non-practicing CBA member need not join an Affiliated Local Bar Association.

  • When a search of an attorney and his or her law office has been ordered, the court shall immediately notify the Association and the Local Bar Association in whose territory the law office to be searched is located.

  • For terms beginning in odd-numbered years, the President-elect shall be a member of an Affiliated Local Bar Association in Region One and shall have their principal office in that Region.

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