Definition of Loan Conversion Shares

Loan Conversion Shares means collectively, the shares of Borrower Common Stock issued upon conversion of Obligations due under the Note(s) pursuant to Section 5 of this Loan Agreement.

Examples of Loan Conversion Shares in a sentence

The Company hereby covenants that it will reserve for issuance a sufficient number of shares of its senior class and series of capital stock to satisfy its obligation to issue such Loan Conversion Shares.
ASX grants a waiver of ASX Listing Rule 10.13.3 to enable Arrangement Fee Shares to be issued, if required, and the Interest Conversion Shares and Loan Conversion Shares to be issued after 1 month of the Shareholder Resolutions being approved; and II.
Such certificate shall be issued, and Lilly shall be deemed to own the Loan Conversion Shares represented thereby, as of the Conversion Date.
On each Conversion Date, Lilly shall be entitled to receive a certificate for the number of Loan Conversion Shares applicable to the Conversion determined in accordance with this Section 4.
Amylin has the requisite corporate power and authority to enter into each of the Loan Documents and to perform its obligations under the terms of each of the Loan Documents and, at the time of a Conversion pursuant to Section 4 of this Loan Agreement, will have the requisite corporate power to issue and sell the Loan Conversion Shares.