Definition of Loan Conversion Agreement

Loan Conversion Agreement means that certain Loan Conversion Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, between Lender and Holdings, in the form annexed hereto as Exhibit K.

Examples of Loan Conversion Agreement in a sentence

CONVERSION NOTICE Reference is made to the Loan Conversion Agreement (the Conversion Agreement), by and between Hydrophi Technologies Group, Inc.
Dated: (Address) Schedule A Except as disclosed in the Loan Conversion Agreement dated as of even date with the Issue Date between the Company and the Holder: Corporate Status.
The Parties hereby agree that pursuant to the terms of the Loan Conversion Agreement, the aggregate principal and interest due on the Loan is $1,268,750, which amount shall be applied towards the minimum capital raise of $8,500,000 in the Financing.
Lender shall have received the Loan Conversion Agreement, duly executed by Holdings.
The Petrus Note, Convertible Almi Note and Petrus Interest shall have been converted into Units pursuant to the Loan Conversion Agreement.