Definition of LINN Debtors

LINN Debtors means, collectively, the Debtors other than the Berry Debtors.
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Examples of LINN Debtors in a sentence

Thereafter, the Expense Reimbursement shall be payable by the LINN Debtors on a monthly basis.
If this Agreement or the Backstop Commitment Agreement is terminated for any reason (other than in connection with an Individual Termination Event), the LINN Debtors will no longer be obligated to pay the Expense Reimbursement in respect of any fees incurred after the date of such termination.
If the LINN Debtors and BP fail to reach agreement as to the cure amount within thirty (30) days after entry of the Confirmation Order, either the LINN Debtors or BP may, on notice to the BP or the LINN Debtors, as applicable, request a hearing before the Court to present evidence regarding the cure amount.
Reorganized LINN Debtors may pursue such Causes of Action, as appropriate, in accordance with the best interests of the Reorganized LINN Debtors.
Without any further notice to or action, order, or approval of the Court, the LINN Debtors or the Reorganized LINN Debtors, as applicable, shall pay in Cash on the Effective Date of the LINN Plan all reasonable and documented unpaid fees and expenses incurred on or before the Effective Date of the LINN Plan of the LINN Indenture Trustees, including the LINN Indenture Trustee Fees and Expenses, without a reduction to recoveries of the Holders of the LINN Notes.