Legal Defence definition

Legal Defence means that Pro-Demnity has received any of the following: a) a Statement of Claim, b) notification of motions pursuant to an active statement of claim, or c) notification of the beginning of other legal proceedings that require a formal legal response.

Examples of Legal Defence in a sentence

However, in Communication 426/12 – Agnès Uwimana-Nkusi & Saidati Mukakibibi (represented by Media Legal Defence Initiative) v.

Corporate Manslaughter Legal Defence Costs - Up to £2,500,000 in the aggregate (or Limit(s) stated in the Schedule if less but always in the aggregate).

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Subsidiary means a “subsidiary corporation,” whether now or hereafter existing, as defined in Section 424(f) of the Code.
Board means the Board of Directors of the Company.
Agreement has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Affiliate of any specified Person means any other Person directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by or under direct or indirect common control with such specified Person. For the purposes of this definition, “control” when used with respect to any specified Person means the power to direct the management and policies of such Person, directly or indirectly, whether through the ownership of voting securities, by contract or otherwise; and the terms “controlling” and “controlled” have meanings correlative to the foregoing.
Director means a member of the Board.
Business Day means any day except any Saturday, any Sunday, any day which is a federal legal holiday in the United States or any day on which banking institutions in the State of New York are authorized or required by law or other governmental action to close.
Department means the department of natural resources.
Company means the Person named as the “Company” in the first paragraph of this instrument until a successor Person shall have become such pursuant to the applicable provisions of this Indenture, and thereafter “Company” shall mean such successor Person.
Person means any individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, association, joint-stock company, trust, unincorporated organization or government or any agency or political subdivision thereof.
Exchange Act means the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.
Commission means the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Equitable Defenses means any bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization and other laws affecting creditors’ rights generally, and with regard to equitable remedies, the discretion of the court before which proceedings to obtain same may be pending.
Injunction has the meaning set forth in Section 7.1(d).
relevant ADRR Forum means the Forum, having the meaning ascribed to it in the ADRR, to which a Relevant Dispute is allocated for resolution in accordance with the ADRR;
Courts means the Ontario Court, the Quebec Court and the BC Court.
Court of Appeal means the division of the Supreme Court referred to in section 7(1)(b);
Professional Judgement shall be defined as judgement that is informed by professional knowledge of curriculum expectations, context, evidence of learning, methods of instruction and assessment, and the criteria and standards that indicate success in student learning. In professional practice, judgement involves a purposeful and systematic thinking process that evolves in terms of accuracy and insight with ongoing reflection and self-correction. C4.00 CENTRAL LABOUR RELATIONS COMMITTEE C4.1 OPSBA, the Crown and OSSTF agree to establish a joint Central Labour Relations Committee to promote and facilitate communication between rounds of bargaining on issues of joint interest. C4.2 The parties to the Committee shall meet within sixty days of the completion of the current round of negotiations to agree on Terms of Reference for the Committee. C4.3 The Committee shall meet as agreed but a minimum of three times in each school year.
Ordering and Billing Forum or "OBF" means the telecommunications industry forum, under the auspices of the Carrier Liaison Committee of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, concerned with inter-company ordering and Billing.
Covenant Not to Sue The parties covenant that under no conditions will any party or any affiliate file any action against the other (except only requests for injunctive or other equitable relief) in any forum other than before the American Arbitration Association, and the parties agree that any such action, if filed, shall be dismissed upon application and shall be referred for arbitration hereunder with costs and attorney's fees to the prevailing party.
relevant proceedings means proceedings for contempt of court or proceedings under Schedule 2 to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014;
Labour Court means the Labour Court established by section 151 of the Act and includes any judge of the Labour Court;
Proprietary Information/Injunctive Relief The System and Remote Access Services described herein and the databases, computer programs, screen formats, report formats, interactive design techniques, formulae, processes, systems, software, know-how, algorithms, programs, training aids, printed materials, methods, books, records, files, documentation and other information made available to the Customer by State Street as part of the Remote Access Services and through the use of the System and all copyrights, patents, trade secrets and other proprietary and intellectual property rights of State Street related thereto are the exclusive, valuable and confidential proprietary property of State Street and its relevant licensors (the “Proprietary Information”). The Customer agrees on behalf of itself and its Authorized Designees to keep the Proprietary Information confidential and to limit access to its employees and Authorized Designees (under a similar duty of confidentiality) who require access to the System for the purposes intended. The foregoing shall not apply to Proprietary Information in the public domain or required by law to be made public. The Customer agrees to use the Remote Access Services only in connection with the proper purposes of this Addendum. The Customer will not, and will cause its employees and Authorized Designees not to, (i) permit any third party to use the System or the Remote Access Services, (ii) sell, rent, license or otherwise use the System or the Remote Access Services in the operation of a service bureau or for any purpose other than as expressly authorized under this Addendum, (iii) use the System or the Remote Access Services for any fund, trust or other investment vehicle without the prior written consent of State Street, or (iv) allow or cause any information transmitted from State Street’s databases, including data from third-party sources, available through use of the System or the Remote Access Services, to be published, redistributed or retransmitted for other than use for or on behalf of the Customer, as State Street’s customer. The Customer agrees that neither it nor its Authorized Designees will modify the System in any way, enhance, copy, or otherwise create derivative works based upon the System, nor will the Customer or its Authorized Designees reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise attempt to secure the source code for all or any part of the System. The Customer acknowledges that the disclosure of any Proprietary Information, or of any information which at law or equity ought to remain confidential, will immediately give rise to continuing irreparable injury to State Street inadequately compensable in damages at law and that State Street shall be entitled to obtain immediate injunctive relief against the breach or threatened breach of any of the foregoing undertakings, in addition to any other legal remedies which may be available.
Relief means any loss, relief, allowance, exemption, set-off, deduction, right to repayment or credit or other relief of a similar nature granted by or available in relation to Tax pursuant to any legislation or otherwise;
Ordering and Billing Forum (OBF means the forum comprised of local telephone companies and inter-exchange carriers (IXCs), whose responsibility is to create and document Telecommunication industry guidelines and standards.
Youth court means a diversion unit under the supervision of the juvenile court.