Leasehold Rights definition

Leasehold Rights means all rights relating to a lease of certain real property, as set out in a Leasehold Agreement.
Leasehold Rights means those rights appurtenant to a Private Homeownership Lease as specified in Section 420.100(3) of this Ordinance.
Leasehold Rights means all rights relating to a lease of certain real property, as set out in a Leasehold Agreement.”Legal Reservations” means matters which are set out as qualifications or reservations as to matters of law of general application in any legal opinion delivered to the Agent under the SSF Bonds.

Examples of Leasehold Rights in a sentence

  • If Lead Lenders becomes aware of any damage to or actual or potential condemnation affecting any material portion of the Real Property, Leasehold Rights and/or Collateral securing the Loans, Lead Lenders will promptly notify Lenders thereof.

  • The Property Company may increase or reduce the nominal value of the Mortgage over its Leasehold Rights, provided that the registered nominal value of the Mortgage in no event shall be lower than the outstanding principal amount of Secured Debt.

  • Of the P1.93 billion consolidated revenues, P641.5 million are from Real Estate Sales, and P139.7 million from the Sale of Mall Stall Units or Leasehold Rights Sales whose sales take-up is almost equal to last year’s Leasehold Rights Sales which is practically the same as last year’s P140.5 million.

  • Leasehold Rights and measurement rights amount equal to liabilities under lease adjusted by the amount of advance payment or accrued payment related to the lease agreement recognised in the statement of financial position before the date of the initial application.

  • List of encumbrances known to Bank: No known encumbrancesSCHEDULE I (Forming part of Sale Certificate) DESCRIPTION OF THE SECURED ASSETS CONSTITUTING SCHEDULE PROPERTY Leasehold Rights of the Property situated at Gat No. 181, Sector No. 33, consisting of open plot having area 8,750 sq.

More Definitions of Leasehold Rights

Leasehold Rights means our rights to possession of the Store under any pre-existing or subsequent lease of the Store, whether pursuant to the current term of a lease, an option we exercise, or our re-negotiation of the lease. We have no obligation to exercise any options or other contractual rights, or otherwise enter into any agreement for the purpose of retaining Leasehold Rights.
Leasehold Rights has the meaning specified in Section 5.2.
Leasehold Rights means, collectively, all of Seller’s right, title and interest as the lessee under the Ground Lease (including without limit Seller’s possessory interest in and to the Leasehold Parcel and the Buildings (as defined in the Ground Lease) leased thereunder) and all rights of Seller in and to all other property, tangible and intangible, included in the Demised Premises (as defined in the Ground Lease) or otherwise granted to Seller pursuant to the Ground Lease, and all of Seller’s right, title and interest in and to the easements, rights, privileges, benefits, tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances on or pertaining or belonging to the Leasehold Parcel under the Ground Lease.
Leasehold Rights means all of your rights title and interest in terms of the End User Lease Agreement;
Leasehold Rights shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Article 3.1.1
Leasehold Rights means all of Sellers’ right, title, and interest in and to those Hydrocarbons leases, and other property interests described on Exhibit A-2 attached hereto (the “Leases”), and all rights granted under the Leases including any access rights and rights to install pipelines, utilities, surface facilities and other infrastructure necessary or convenient in the exploration for, and development, production, processing and transportation of, Hydrocarbons; and any other rights, properties or interests now vested in Sellers relating to, or necessary or convenient in connection with, the ownership, development and operation of the Leases.
Leasehold Rights means all the exclusive and irrevocable lease and possession rights, licences, easements, and interests in, under, above and over the Motel including without limitation the rights to use, uninterrupted access, to the Motel leased to the Company by PTDC for the term or any extension thereof.