LANDSCAPING DEPOSIT means the amount referred to in L of the SCHEDULE;

Examples of LANDSCAPING DEPOSIT in a sentence

  • A security log must be maintained and open for inspection for all reported incidents.Please return completed forms to:Fontbonne University Director of Public Safety 6800 Wydown Blvd.Rev.

  • The PURCHASER shall also pay the LANDSCAPING DEPOSIT to the ASSOCIATION as provided for in Clause L of the SCHEDULE and the OWNERS PARTICIPATION MANUAL.


  • Landscaping means the treatment of land (other than buildings) being the site or part of the site in respect of which this planning permission is granted, for the purpose of enhancing or protecting the amenities of the site and the area in which it is situated and includes screening by fences, walls or other means of enclosure; measures to screen the refuse provision; planting of trees, hedges, shrubs or grass; formation of banks, terraces or other earth works, laying out of gardens, paved areas or courts and other amenity features.

  • Sanitary landfill means an engineered land burial facility for the disposal of household waste which is so located, designed, constructed and operated to contain and isolate the waste so that it does not pose a substantial present or potential hazard to human health or the environment. A sanitary landfill also may receive other types of solid wastes, such as commercial solid waste, nonhazardous sludge, hazardous waste from conditionally exempt small quantity generators, construction demolition debris, and nonhazardous industrial solid waste.

  • Landscaped Open Space - means the open unobstructed space at grade on a lot and which is suitable for the growth and maintenance of grass, flowers, bushes, trees and other landscaping and includes any surfaced walk, patio or similar area but does not include any driveway or ramp, whether surfaced or not, any curb, retaining wall, parking area or any open space beneath or within any building or structure. (Section 4.68 of the Zoning By-law.)

  • Landscape means an area, as perceived by people, whose character is the result of the action and interaction of natural and/or human factors.

  • Landscape waste means any vegetable or plant waste except garbage. The term includes trees, tree trimmings, branches, stumps, brush, weeds, leaves, grass, shrubbery, and yard trimmings.

  • Surface impoundment or "impoundment" means a facility or part of a facility which is a natural topographic depression, man-made excavation, or diked area formed primarily of earthen materials (although it may be lined with man-made materials), which is designed to hold an accumulation of liquid wastes or wastes containing free liquids, and which is not an injection well. Examples of surface impoundments are holding, storage, settling, and aeration pits, ponds, and lagoons.

  • Reserve Fund Initial Deposit means the initial deposit of cash in the amount of $3,846,153.85 made by or on behalf of the Seller into the Reserve Fund on the Closing Date.

  • Sanitary Sewer Overflow or “SSO” means an overflow, spill, diversion, or release of wastewater from or caused by Akron’s Sanitary Sewer System. This term shall include: 1) discharges to waters of the State or United States from Akron's Sanitary Sewer System; and 2) any release of wastewater from Akron's Sanitary Sewer System to public or private property that does not reach waters of the State or the United States, including Building/Property Backups.

  • Sidewalk means that portion of a street between the curb lines, or the lateral lines of a roadway, and the adjacent property lines intended for the use of pedestrians.

  • Reserve Account Initial Deposit means cash or Eligible Investments having a value of $5,305,602.28.

  • Mine drainage means any drainage, and any water pumped or siphoned, from an active mining area or a post-mining area. The abbreviation “ml/l” means milliliters per liter.

  • Irrigation service means any separately metered connections for vegetation irrigation with no discharge into the sanitary sewer system.

  • Garage means a place within a project having a roof and walls on three sides for parking any vehicle, but does not include an unenclosed or uncovered parking space such as open parking areas;

  • Reserve Fund means the fund so designated in, and created pursuant to, Section 502 hereof.

  • Reserve Initial Deposit means, with respect to the Closing Date, $3,625,550.86.

  • Replacement Reserve Monthly Deposit shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.3.1 hereof.

  • Interior lot means a lot other than a corner lot.

  • Parking Lot means a building or land used for the parking or storage of ten or more motorcars or bakkies, or two or more buses or trucks, excluding −

  • Construction Account means the account by that name established in the FGR Subordinated Indebtedness Fund pursuant to the Second Resolution.

  • Parking Garage means a building or portion of a building, other than a private garage, that is used for the temporary parking of motor vehicles;

  • Landscaped area means all the planting areas, turf areas, and water features in a landscape design plan subject to the Maximum Applied Water Allowance and Estimated Applied Water Use calculations. The landscaped area does not include footprints of buildings or structures, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, decks, patios, gravel or stone walks, other pervious or non-pervious hardscapes, and other non-irrigated areas designated for non-development (e.g., open spaces and existing native vegetation).

  • Reserve Account Property shall have the meaning specified in Section 4.7(a) of the Sale and Servicing Agreement.

  • Public building and "public work" means a public building of, and a public work of, a governmental entity (the United States; the District of Columbia; commonwealths, territories, and minor outlying islands of the United States; State and local governments; and multi-State, regional, or interstate entities which have governmental functions). These buildings and works may include, without limitation, bridges, dams, plants, highways, parkways, streets, subways, tunnels, sewers, mains, power lines, pumping stations, heavy generators, railways, airports, terminals, docks, piers, wharves, ways, lighthouses, buoys, jetties, breakwaters, levees, and canals, and the construction, alteration, maintenance, or repair of such buildings and works.

  • Required Repair Fund shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.1.1 hereof.

  • Landscape architect means a person who holds a license to practice landscape architecture in the state of California Business and Professions Code, Section 5615.

  • Shrub means and refer to a woody plant, smaller than a tree, consisting of several small stems from the ground or small branches near the ground.