Definition of Landlords Base Building Work

Landlords Base Building Work means the Landlords Base Building Work as described in Section 31.

Examples of Landlords Base Building Work in a sentence

The Landlord shall provide the Tenant with no later than thirty (30) days notice that the Landlords (Base Building) Work will be completed and ready for commencement of the Fixturing Period.
Period means the period of ninety (90) days from the date the Landlords (Base Building) Work is substantially completed and the Premises are turned over to the Tenant for purposes of the Tenants Work.
The Landlord shall complete the Landlords (Base Building) Work described as Landlords Work in Schedule B the Offer to Lease prior to the commencement of the Fixturing Period.
In connection with any temporary certificate of occupancy obtained by Landlord for Landlords TI Work, Landlord shall keep and maintain such temporary certificate of occupancy in full force and effect and diligently complete all necessary portions of Landlords Base Building Work and/or Landlords TI Work required for issuance of a permanent and unconditional certificate of occupancy.
The Premises shall be conclusively deemed ready for Tenants occupancy as soon as Landlords TI Work has been Substantially Completed and Landlords Base Building Work is completed.