Landlord's Architect definition

Landlord's Architect means the architect designated by Landlord as its architect, from time to time, to perform the functions of Landlord's Architect hereunder.
Landlord's Architect means the architect or architectural firm from time to time designated by Landlord to perform the function of Landlord's Architect set forth in this Lease. Landlord's Architect initially shall be the architect or architectural firm designated in Item 13 of the Basic Lease Provisions.

Examples of Landlord's Architect in a sentence

  • Landlord and Landlord's Architect shall be entitled, in all respects, to rely upon all information supplied by Tenant regarding the Tenant Improvements.

  • Monthly Rent due and payable hereunder shall be temporarily abated during such restoration period in proportion to the degree to which there is substantial interference with Tenant's use of the Premises, as reasonably determined by Landlord or Landlord's Architect.

  • The determination in good faith by Landlord's Architect of or relating to the estimated cost of repair of any damage, replacement cost, the time period required for repair or the interference with or suitability of the Premises for Tenant's use or occupancy shall be conclusive for purposes of this Article XII and Article XIII.

  • As part of the process of the Landlord's examination and approval of the Tenant's plans and specifications, materials may, in addition to being submitted to the Landlord's Architect, be submitted by the Landlord to other architects, engineers, and special consultants, and progress and completion of the work may require supervision and/or inspection by the Landlord or any of the foregoing persons on behalf of the Landlord.

  • Tenant acknowledges that the Preliminary Plans shall be prepared by Landlord's Architect after consultation and cooperation between Tenant and Landlord's Architect regarding the proposed Tenant Improvements and Tenant's requirements.

More Definitions of Landlord's Architect

Landlord's Architect means ADD, Inc. or any other architect or architectural firm(s) designated by Landlord.
Landlord's Architect means Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Architects or such other architect as is designated in writing by the Landlord;
Landlord's Architect means DES Architects/Engineers or any replacement architect selected by Landlord in Landlord's reasonable discretion.
Landlord's Architect means Hydzik Xxxxxx Associates, Ltd.