Lake Manager definition

Lake Manager means the person designated as manager or resident engineer of the Lake and its activities as appointed by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Lake Manager means the official of the Department who is designated to manage the lake on behalf of the Department in accordance with this subtitle.

Examples of Lake Manager in a sentence

Contractor shall perform the duty of changing campsite status markers in accordance with established policies of the Lake Manager.

No campers or visitors are allowed in the gatehouse without prior approval of Gate Attendant Coordinator or Lake Manager.

Gate Attendants shall operate automatic gate arms as required by the Lake Manager.

Water hydrants and water cutoffs will be turned on and off as required by the Lake Manager.

Gate Attendants may receive performance evaluations as specified by the Lake Manager.

The Campground Committee shall report to the Lake Manager anyone who does not comply with these mowing regulations.

At the discretion of the Division of Water and WasteManagement, approval may be granted, and notification given.

The Lake Manager may appoint an authorized representative to act on their behalf.

Additional gates in nearby free park areas may also be opened and closed by Gate Attendants as required by Lake Manager.

Contractors will complete reports as required by the Lake Manager.

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