Definition of Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL Pipeline means the pipeline that is the subject of the Petition for Order Accepting Certification Under SDCL SS 49-41B-27, filed by TransCanada on September 15, 2014, in Docket HP14-001.

Examples of Keystone XL Pipeline in a sentence

OH-1-2009 79 11.2 Weighing of Benefits and Burdens of the Keystone XL Pipeline Benefits In the Board's view, the economic benefits of the Keystone XL Pipeline are derived mainly from increased competition and additional transportation options for shippers.
Introduction As the independent third-party contractor, ERM will bring extensive U.S. and international experience with petroleum liquids pipelines, NEPA environmental impact assessment, and a strong Midwest presence combined with global expertise to the Keystone XL Pipeline SEIS project.
By opening new markets for Canadian crude oil, the Board is of the view that the Keystone XL Pipeline would alleviate the economic risk associated with saturation in existing markets.
Although Keystone indicated that the flow rate could be 20 - 25 per cent higher if only light crude oil moved on the Keystone XL Pipeline, it did not follow that the associated capital costs would be 20 to 25 per cent lower.
Those shippers requested clarification on the anticipated impact to the variable toll before and after the Keystone XL Pipeline would be in operation.