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Job ready means one who is able and available for work, meets the educational and skill demands of the local labor market, and is not subject to any extraneous conditions (e.g. language barriers, child care, lack of transportation) which would significantly restrict an individual’s ability to accept full-time employment.
Job ready means that most objectives of a consumer's Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) have been completed, and competitive employment at or above the substantial gainful activity level as defined by the Social Security Administration is expected to begin within a year.
Job ready. MSIC means applicants can apply for their MSIC without already having the operational need. However the MSIC will

Examples of Job ready in a sentence

  • These examinations are offered at two levels: Job ready and the experienced worker.

  • Seek Employment – Job ready participants must make a minimum number of job contacts per week as outline in their Contract of Participation.

  • Job ready is defined locally and outlined in county policies; Colorado has found that being ready to work is fluid and looks different family-to-family, and is committed to working with customers where they are at.

  • Job ready participants are referred by EXIT case managers to Staffing Inc.

  • Job ready graduates – our primary focus is to develop graduates who have the knowledge, skills and disposition to meet the needs of tropical communities and succeed in a global workforce through our focus on authentic learning experiences, global citizenship, Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) and innovation.

  • Job ready clients will be assisted to reach independence as quickly as possible.

  • Job ready Through apprenticeships, you will learn the skills and knowledge that your employer feels are the most relevant to your job role, making you more competitive and employable.

  • Job ready programme: Though there are Government reform programmes like ‗Youth Contract‘ and many efforts are being put to overcome the problem of unemployment, still more needs to be done to achieve the objective.

  • Job- ready customers are expected to primarily use online self-services, with personalised support by caseworkers both over the telephone and in the form of online face-to-face meetings.

  • Job ready participants will attend JN! Thursday employer recruitments.

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Job ready means an individual does not require further education or training to perform work that is available in the individual’s labor market.
Job ready means individuals who do not require further education or training to perform work that is available in their labor market.
Job ready refers to individuals who do not require further education or training to perform work that is available in their labor market. [20 CFR 641.140]
Job ready means that the applicant does not need further education or training to perform work that is available in his or her labor market.

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  • Contract Start Date means the date specified in your Contract for Signature asthe date this Contract starts;

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  • On-the-job training means training that is provided by an employer during the routine performance of a job.

  • Service Start Date means the date on which services were first supplied under this Agreement.

  • Infirm Power means electricity injected into the grid prior to the commercial operation of a unit or block of the generating station;

  • Medically Necessary Services means those covered services that are, under the terms and conditions of the contract, determined through contractor utilization management to be:

  • Supportive services means services provided by the service provider to help residents enhance their way of living and achieve self-sufficiency. Supportive Services may be provided directly by the Owner or through coordination with existing service agencies and may be delivered through a combination of both on- and off- site service delivery mechanisms, with the provision that an on-site service coordination capacity must be maintained. For the purposes of scoring, ADOH may determine that certain Supportive Services must be offered on-site to obtain points in a particular Project scoring category.

  • NCLEX means the National Council Licensure Examination, the examination currently used for initial licensure as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.

  • Traineeship Scheme means an approved traineeship applicable to a group or class of employees or to an industry or sector of an industry or an enterprise. A traineeship scheme shall not be given approval unless consultation and negotiation with the union upon the terms of the proposed traineeship scheme and the traineeship have occurred. An application for approval of a traineeship scheme shall identify the union and demonstrate to the satisfaction of the approving authority that the abovementioned consultation and negotiation have occurred.

  • Contract Services means the Services to be supplied by the Supplier to the Customer as set out in the Letter of Appointment;

  • Auxiliary Employee meaning an employee who is employed for work which is not of a continuous nature such as:

  • Preventive services means preservation services, as defined in chapter 74.14C RCW, and other reasonably available services, including housing assistance, capable of preventing the need for out-of-home placement while protecting the child.

  • Urgently Needed Services means Covered Services needed to prevent a serious deterioration in a Member’s health. While not as immediate as Emergency Services, these services cannot be delayed until the Member can see a Plan Provider.

  • Temporary Employee is one who is hired on a temporary basis for a full-time or part-time position:

  • Medically Fit to Travel means based on assessment a Legally Qualified Physician has advised You, a Traveling Companion, Family Member or Business Partner booked to travel with You in writing that there is no medical condition, illness, Injury or Sickness that would likely interfere with a Trip at the time of purchase of Coverage for a Trip.

  • ECS means Electronic clearing system"ECS" means Electronic clearing system "ED" means Excise Duty"ED" means Excise Duty

  • Foreman means a baker who has charge of the work and of one or more workers, including apprentices, in the bakehouse. Where an employer is himself substantially engaged in doing the actual work of an operative baker and also exercising supervision of the work in the bakehouse, he may be classed as a foreman, but not otherwise.

  • continental shelf worker means a person who is employed, whether under a contract of service or not, in a designated area or a prescribed area in connection with any of the activities mentioned in section 11(2) of the Petroleum Act 1998;

  • snippet means the Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999 as amended.","samples":[{"score":12,"uri":" ,"label":"Amendment"}],"snippetLinks":[{"type":"definition","key":"public","offset":[10,16]},

  • Supportive personnel means unlicensed individuals who:

  • Services Start Date means the date as set out in the Specification (Schedule 1);

  • City contractor means any person that enters into an agreement with the City to furnish products or services to or for the City.

  • Professional sports services contract means an agreement under which an individual is employed, or agrees to render services, as a player on a professional sports team, with a professional sports organization, or as a professional athlete.