Jacksonville FL Mezzanine Borrower definition

Jacksonville FL Mezzanine Borrower means Jacksonville Holding Company, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

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Mezzanine Borrower shall have the meaning set forth in Section 11.6 hereof.
Senior citizen center means a facility having the primary purpose of providing services to the aged as defined in Section 62A-3-101.
Mortgage Borrower shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement, together with its successors and permitted assigns.
Operating Lessee means, with respect to a Hotel Property, the Subsidiary of the Parent Guarantor that leases such Hotel Property from a Subsidiary of the Parent Guarantor that is the owner or ground lessee of such Hotel Property.
Mall means an enclosed indoor area containing common areas and discrete businesses and stores primarily devoted to the retail sale of goods and services.
Real estate related financial transaction means any transaction involving:
Park Sienna Mortgage Loans The Mortgage Loans identified as such on the Mortgage Loan Schedule for which Park Sienna is the applicable Seller.
Burswood Casino means that area in the Resort Complex identified in the Drawings as the area to constitute the casino and includes the area in which money counting, surveillance, storage and other activities relating to the conduct and playing of Games are carried on or, if and when the area to which the Burswood Casino Licence relates is fixed pursuant to section 21(4a) of the Control Act, the area so fixed as thereafter altered from time to time in accordance with that section;
Mezzanine Investments means debt Securities (including convertible debt Securities (other than the “in-the-money” equity component thereof)) and Preferred Stock in each case (a) issued by public or private issuers, (b) issued without registration under the Securities Act, (c) not issued pursuant to Rule 144A under the Securities Act (or any successor provision thereunder), (d) that are not Cash Equivalents and (e) contractually subordinated in right of payment to other debt of the same issuer.
Fat wood means pieces of wood kindling with high naturally-occurring levels of sap or resin which enhance ignition of the kindling. “Fat wood” does not include any kindling with substances added to enhance flammability, such as wax-covered or wax-impregnated wood-based products.
Woodland means a treed area, woodlot or forested area, other than a cultivated fruit or nut orchard or a plantation established for the purpose of producing Christmas trees;
Campus means any place where the college conducts or sponsors educational, public service, or research activities.
Shopping mall means an enclosed public walkway or hall area that serves to connect retail or professional establishments.
Michigan state housing development authority means the public body corporate and politic created under Section 21 of the State Housing Development Authority Act of 1966, 1966 PA 346, MCL 125.1421.
Borrower Partnership Agreement means the Eighth Amended and Restated Limited Partnership Agreement of the Borrower, dated as of May 8, 2008, as such agreement may be amended, restated, modified or supplemented from time to time with the consent of the Administrative Agent or as permitted under Section 10.10.
Neighborhood electric vehicle means a self-propelled
Downtown means the traditional central business district of a community that has served as the focus of socio-economic interaction in the community, characterized by a cohesive core of commercial and mixed use buildings, some of which may contain mixed use spaces, often interspersed with civic, religious, residential, and industrial buildings and public spaces, typically arranged along a main street and intersecting side streets that are within walking distance for residents who live within and surrounding the core and that are served by public infrastructure such as sidewalks and public transit. Downtowns are typically larger in scale than village centers and are characterized by a development pattern that is consistent with smart growth principles.
Mezzanine Loan Agreement means that certain Mezzanine Loan Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, between Mezzanine Borrower and Mezzanine Lender, as the same may be amended, restated, replaced, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.
Condominium Corporation means a condominium or strata corporation established under Provincial Legislation.
Real Estate Subsidiary means those Subsidiaries of Harrah’s Entertainment that are party to (prior to, on or after the Issue Date) the Real Estate Facility (and their respective Subsidiaries) secured by the Real Property collateralizing such facility on the Issue Date plus any additional Real Property sold, contributed or transferred to such Subsidiaries by the Issuer or any Restricted Subsidiary (whether directly or indirectly through the sale, contribution or transfer of the Capital Stock of a Subsidiary the assets of which are comprised solely of such Real Property) subsequent to the Issue Date pursuant to Section 4.06.
Venture capital fund means a private fund that meets the definition of a venture capital fund in SEC Rule 203(l)-1, 17 CFR 275.203(l)-1.
CREST means the system for the paperless settlement of trades and the holding of uncertificated securities operated by EUI in accordance with the Uncertificated Regulations, as amended from time to time.
Crosswalk means that part of a roadway at an intersection included within the connections of the lateral lines of the sidewalks on opposite sides of the highway measured from the curbs or, in the absence of curbs, from the edges of the traversable roadway; or any portion of a roadway at an intersection or elsewhere distinctly indicated for pedestrian crossing by lines or other markings on the surface.
Park Monaco Mortgage Loans The Mortgage Loans identified as such on the Mortgage Loan Schedule for which Park Monaco is the applicable Seller. Park Sienna: Park Sienna LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and its successors and assigns, in its capacity as the seller of the Park Sienna Mortgage Loans to the Depositor.
Residential district means the territory contiguous to and including a highway not comprising a business district if the property on the highway for a distance of three hundred (300) feet or more is improved with residences or residences and buildings in use for business; and
SPE means any bankruptcy-remote, special-purpose entity created in connection with the financing of settlement float with respect to customer funds or otherwise.