Issuance Price definition

Issuance Price means the Sales Price less the Selling Commission.
Issuance Price means the Sales Price less the Issuance Selling Commission.
Issuance Price has the meaning assigned that term in Section 7.02(e).

Examples of Issuance Price in a sentence

  • If acting as sales agent hereunder, the Agent will provide written confirmation to the Company no later than the opening of the Trading Day next following the Trading Day on which it has placed Shares hereunder setting forth the number of shares sold on such Trading Day, the corresponding Sales Price and the Issuance Price payable to the Company in respect thereof.

More Definitions of Issuance Price

Issuance Price means either the Standard Settlement Issuance Price or the Delayed Settlement Issuance Price, as the case may be.
Issuance Price means, for any Issuance Selling Period, the volume-weighted average of the Sales Prices per share for all Issuance Shares sold during such Issuance Selling Period, less the Issuance Selling Commission for such Issuance Selling Period.
Issuance Price means $17.00 per share (subject to proportionate adjustment in the event of a stock split, stock dividend, combination or other proportionate reduction or increase to the Common Stock).
Issuance Price means $5.88 (representing the 15 day volume weighted average price per share of the Company’s common stock immediately prior to the date of this Agreement).
Issuance Price means the price for each share issued to a Grantee.
Issuance Price means $3.00 per Share.