Irretrievably broken definition

Irretrievably broken means that the marriage cannot be salvaged in any way, not even with the help of marriage counseling. Is your marriage irretrievably broken?
Irretrievably broken means that the marriage cannot be put back together, or salvaged in anyway, not even with the help of marriage counseling.Is your marriage irretrievably broken? Yes NoState very briefly why your marriage is irretrievably broken:
Irretrievably broken. -- the term which means that the marriage has little or no chance of reconciliation.

Examples of Irretrievably broken in a sentence

  • The marriage is Irretrievably broken, I no longer love my spouse, I do not want to be married any longer, and no delay or counseling will save my marriage.

  • Irretrievably broken is similar to “irreconcilable differences”, and means that if this allegation is made, a court will hold a hearing to determine if there is a reasonable hope for reconciliation between the parties.

More Definitions of Irretrievably broken

Irretrievably broken means that there is no reasonable prospect for reconciliation.

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  • Colorant means any pigment or coloring material used in a consumer product for an aesthetic effect, or to dramatize an ingredient.

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  • Radiographer means any individual who performs or who, in attendance at the site where the sources of radiation are being used, personally supervises industrial radiographic operations and who is responsible to the licensee or registrant for assuring compliance with the requirements of the agency's regulations and the conditions of the license or registration.