Investment Service Provider definition

Investment Service Provider means Exane or any other investment services provider agreed to between DI SAS and the Purchaser.
Investment Service Provider means a bank or other financial institutional that meets the quality criteria of SIX x-clear and invests posted Permissible Collateral within the scope of its Investment Usage.
Investment Service Provider means an investment firm or a credit institution that is engaged in investment services and in activities auxiliary to investment services, but not including clearing houses;

Examples of Investment Service Provider in a sentence

  • The Investment Service Provider's policies and procedures ensure the independence of this research/commentary, and the Investment Service Provider has undertaken not to accept any instructions or additional remuneration from the company involved in the research/commentary.

  • If the Investment Service Provider does not do so promptly, or if the Investment Service Provider no longer represents the Customer, then the Customer will on request give the relevant instruction.

  • The Custodian will receive fees and be reimbursed for expenses as agreed between the Custodian and the Investment Service Provider.

  • LISP (Linked Investment Service Providers)A Linked Investment Service Provider is a financial institution which packages, distributes and administers a broad range of unit trust-based investments.

  • If the Customer does not agree with any change that the Custodian proposes to make, the Customer should inform the Custodian by communicating its concerns with the Investment Service Provider.

  • The Investment Service Provider will inform the Customer and provide further details if this is to occur.

  • The Customer will have provided the Investment Service Provider with such consent when signing terms of business with the Investment Service Provider.

  • Over the period from 2006 to 2016, the number of South African HNW individuals had grown by 8% and is expected to grow by a further 30% in the next 10 years.38In addition, from an investment perspective, a significant amount of retail wealth is managed via platforms (Linked Investment Service Provider, “LISP”), where platforms create one stop access for individuals to invest across an array of different funds from different providers.

  • Where the Customer has instructed the Custodian to pay charges to the Investment Service Provider on the Customer’s behalf, the Custodian may use Client Money for this purpose.

  • On termination, the Investment Service Provider will instruct the Custodian where to transfer the Client Assets and Client Money.

More Definitions of Investment Service Provider

Investment Service Provider means an investment firm, branch of foreign investment firm, investment fund manager, branch of foreign investment fund manager, bank.
Investment Service Provider means any person(s) or entity(ies) that provides a service pursuant to an agreement or contract entered into under this Policy.
Investment Service Provider means an investment firm, branch of foreign investment firm, bank and credit organization.

Related to Investment Service Provider

  • payment service provider means bodies referred to in Article 1(1) and legal and natural persons benefiting from the waiver under Article 27;

  • Replacement Service Provider means any third party service provider appointed to perform the Services by the Purchaser from time to time.

  • Current Service Provider means the Party from which an End User Customer is planning to switch its local exchange service or the Party from which an End User Customer is planning to port its telephone number(s).

  • Investment Services means the Investment Services under the Company’s CIF license which can be found in the document “Company Information”.

  • Curtailment Service Provider or “CSP” shall mean a Member or a Special Member, which action on behalf of itself or one or more other Members or non-Members, participates in the PJM Interchange Energy Market, Ancillary Services markets, and/or Reliability Pricing Model by causing a reduction in demand.

  • Investment Management Services means any services which involve: (i) the management of an investment account or Fund (or portions thereof or a group of investment accounts or Funds); (ii) the giving of advice with respect to the investment and/or reinvestment of assets or funds (or any group of assets or funds); or (iii) otherwise acting as an “investment adviser” within the meaning of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended, including, without limitation, in each of the foregoing cases, performing activities related or incidental thereto.

  • Management Services means the services specified in sub-clauses 3.1 to 3.8 as indicated affirmatively in Boxes 5 to 12.

  • payment service means any business activity set out in Annex I;

  • Account Information Service Provider or “AISP” means a Third Party Provider that provides a service to allow you to see information in one place about payment accounts you hold with payment services providers, for example, your Account with us if it is an Online Payment Account.

  • Replacement Services means any services which are substantially similar to any of the Services and which the Customer receives in substitution for any of the Services following the Call Off Expiry Date, whether those services are provided by the Customer internally and/or by any third party;

  • financial service provider means any person, other than a representative, who as a regular feature of the business of such person –

  • Payment Services means the services supplied by us to you under this Agreement, including issuing Cards, Accounts and IBANs; and executing Transactions;

  • Replacement services loss means expenses reasonably incurred in obtaining ordinary and necessary services in lieu of those the injured person would have performed, not for income, but for the benefit of the person's self or family, if the person had not been injured.

  • Sub-Service Provider means any person / firm / Organization / company /entity (other than the Service Provider) and it’s legal representatives, successors and permitted assigns named in the Contract as a Sub-Service Provider for a part of the Services or to whom a part of the Services has been sub-Contracted with the written prior consent of the Employer.

  • Settlement Service as defined in Subsection 11.6(b).

  • Internet service provider (ISP) is an Enhanced Service Provider that provides Internet Services, and is defined in paragraph 341 of the FCC’s First Report and Order in CC Docket No. 97-158.

  • Home service provider means the facilities-based carrier or reseller with which the customer contracts for the provision of mobile telecommunications services.

  • investment services and activities means any of the services and activities listed in Section A of Annex I relating to any of the instruments listed in Section C of Annex I;

  • Education service provider means an education management organization, school

  • Information Service Provider A provider of Information Service. Information Service Provider includes, but is not limited to, Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) means an Enhanced Service Provider (ESP) that provides Internet Services.

  • Outplacement Services means professional outplacement services determined by the Employer to be suitable to the Executive’s position. The maximum amount that the Employer will pay for such services is set forth on the first page of the Agreement. The outplacement services shall be made available until the earlier of (i) such time as the aggregate cost to the Employer of the outplacement services reaches the maximum amount specified on the first page of the Agreement, and (iii) the date on which the Executive obtains another full-time job. The Employer will not pay the Executive cash in lieu of professional outplacement services.

  • Video service provider or "provider" means a person authorized under this act to provide video service.

  • The Service Provider means the organization or firm providing the services under this Contract.

  • Cloud Service Provider or CSP means a company or organization that offers some component of cloud computing – typically Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) – to other businesses, organizations or individuals.

  • payment service user means a natural or legal person making use of a payment service in the capacity of either payer or payee, or both;