International Olive Council definition

International Olive Council means the inter-governmental organisation, responsible for administering the 1956 International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives, with headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

Examples of International Olive Council in a sentence

  • The International Olive Council shall immediately notify the depositary of its decision.

  • The Council of Members shall meet at the headquarters of the International Olive Council unless it decides otherwise.

  • The Government of the State in which the headquarters of the International Olive Council is situated shall, in so far as the legislation of that State allows, exempt the remuneration paid by the International Olive Council to its employees and the assets, income and other property of the International Olive Council from taxation.

  • Instruments of accession shall state that the Government accepts all the conditions established by the International Olive Council.

  • Notwithstanding the expiry or termination of this Agreement, the International Olive Council shall continue in being for as long as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying out the liquidation of the International Olive Council, including the settlement of accounts, and shall have during that period such powers and functions as may be necessary for these purposes.

  • The Council of Members may make provision for the application of the international quality guarantee label ensuring compliance with the international standards of the International Olive Council.

  • The Member shall simultaneously inform the International Olive Council in writing of the action it has taken.

  • The Members of the International Olive Council undertake to apply the designations prescribed in Annexes B and C in their international trade and shall encourage their application in their internal trade.

  • If, on the invitation of any member, the Council of Members decides to meet elsewhere, that member shall bear the extra expenditure this entails for the budget of the International Olive Council over and above that incurred in holding a session at the headquarters.

  • The day of week and time of day for site observations were quasirandomly assigned to sites in such a way that all days of the week and all daylight hours (7:00 am - 7:00 pm) had essentially equal probability of selection.

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