Definition of Intercompany Note Assets

Intercompany Note Assets means any and all of the following assets and properties owned by Novamerican Steel, whether owned on the Issue Date or thereafter acquired: (i)(a) Canadian ABL Assets; (b) Equipment (including fixtures); (c) Documents; (d) General Intangibles (including Intellectual Property); (e) Instruments; (f) Investment Property; (g) Letter of Credit Rights; (h) Commercial Tort Claims; (i) books and records related to foregoing; and (j) Proceeds (including insurance Proceeds) and products of any and all of the foregoing and collateral and security guarantees given by any Person with respect to any of the foregoing; (ii)(a) shares of Capital Stock and the certificates representing such Capital Stock (excluding any Capital Stock issued by any Subsidiary of Novamerican Steel that is a Non-Wholly Owned Subsidiary (and any Capital Stock issued by any Special Purpose Holdco with respect to any such Non-Wholly Owned Subsidiary) to the extent the organizational documents of such Non-Wholly Owned Subsidiary or related joint venture or similar agreements would prohibit a pledge of such Capital Stock without the consent of the equityholders thereof (other than Symmetry and its Subsidiaries)); (b) debt securities and the promissory note and other instruments evidencing all such debt securities; (c) payments of principal or interest, dividends, cash, instruments and other property from time to time received, receivable or otherwise distributed in respect of, in exchange for or upon the conversion of, and all other Proceeds received in respect of, the securities referred to in clauses (ii)(a) and (ii)(b) above; and (d) all Proceeds of any of the foregoing; and (iii)(a) each parcel of real property and improvements thereto that has a book or fair market value in excess of $1,000,000 and all Proceeds thereof. Capitalized terms used in this definition but not defined in this Indenture have the meanings assigned to such terms in the Collateral Agreement.

Examples of Intercompany Note Assets in a sentence

The Intercompany Obligations in respect of each Intercompany Note shall be secured by the Intercompany Note Assets, subject to Permitted Liens and the limitations described below.