Insurance Partners definition

Insurance Partners has the meaning assigned to such term in the recitals to this Agreement.
Insurance Partners means Insurance Partners, LP and Insurance Partners Offshore (Bermuda), L.P.
Insurance Partners means Insurance Partners, L.P. and Insurance Partners Offshore (Bermuda), L.P.

Examples of Insurance Partners in a sentence

  • If you arrange your own personal liability insurance from a company other than Multifamily Insurance Partners LLC, you agree to provide written proof of the required liability coverage and to list Owner and Manager as an "interested party" on such policy of insurance.

  • If you elect to purchase personal liability insurance (or renters insurance) from Multifamily Insurance Partners LLC, Multifamily Insurance Partners LLC will provide us with the required proof of insurance.

  • At any time any of the Insurance Partners Stockholders (the "Initiating Holders") shall be entitled to request in writing that the Company use its best efforts to effect the registration under the Securities Act, and under the securities or "blue sky" laws of any jurisdiction designated by such Initiating Holders, of all or part of such Initiating Holders' Registrable Securities in accordance with this Section 3 (a "Demand Registration").

  • The Corporation will pay all Registration Expenses (as defined in Section 6 below) for two Demand Registrations initiated by Insurance Partners, L.P., one Demand Registration initiated by Turkey Vulture Fund XIII, Ltd.

  • The Company hereby grants registration rights to the Insurance Partners Stockholders upon the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

  • Except as otherwise provided herein, the provisions of this Agreement may not be amended, modified or supplemented, and waivers or consents to departures from the provisions hereof may not be given unless consented to in writing by (i) the Company and (ii) the Insurance Partners Stockholders holding Registrable Securities representing (after giving effect to any adjustments) at least 60% of the aggregate number of Registrable Securities owned by all of the Insurance Partners Stockholders.

  • Partnered with Baldwin Risk Partners, The Villages Insurance Partners is committed to embracing a positive culture and providing peace of mind in all areas of insurance to our fellow residents.

  • Bank has tie up arrangement with following Insurance Partners for Bancassurance Business:- sr.

  • Insurance Partners, L.P. ("IP Delaware"), Insurance Partners Offshore (Bermuda), L.P. ("IP Bermuda"), and Capital Z Financial Services Fund II, L.P. ("IP II") played significant roles in the equity financing of our acquisition of BIG and own approximately 64.5% of the total number of shares of our outstanding common stock, or the same percentage on a diluted basis, is held in the aggregate by the IP partnerships and certain related parties.

  • Owner requires that all contractors submit a monthly report of man-hours and payroll to Construction Insurance Partners as per the following form.

More Definitions of Insurance Partners

Insurance Partners means Insurance Partners Charman (Bermuda) L.P. and Insurance Partners Offshore (Bermuda) L.P., details of which are set out in Part I of Schedule 1;

Related to Insurance Partners

  • Insurance Companies means the companies with whom the Insurance Policies are held.

  • Insurance group means the persons that comprise an insurance holding company system.

  • Insurance premium finance company means a person engaged in the business of

  • Medical malpractice insurance means insurance against legal liability incident to the practice and provision of a medical service other than the practice and provision of a dental service.

  • Co-insurance means the portion of the carrier's allowable charge for the covered item or service

  • life insurance business means the business of effecting contracts of insurance upon human life, including any contract whereby the payment of money is assured on death (except death by accident only) or the happening of any contingency dependent on human life, and any contract

  • Life insurance means insurance coverage on human lives including benefits of endowment and annuities, and may include benefits in the event of death or dismemberment by accident and benefits for disability income and unless otherwise specifically excluded, includes individually issued annuities.

  • Insurance Provider s Tender” means the completed Tendering Document submitted by the Insurance Provider to the Procuring Entity

  • Life Insurance Policy ’ means any arrangement under which a person, in return for provision being made for the rendering of a premium to that person, undertakes to meet insurance obligations—

  • Insurance broker means a person who, by acting as the customer’s rep- resentative, arranges and/or services covered products on behalf of the cus- tomer.

  • insurance agent means a sales and/ or service representative of an insur- ance company. The term ‘‘insurance agent’’ encompasses any person that sells, markets, distributes, or services an insurance company’s covered prod- ucts, including, but not limited to, a person who represents only one insur- ance company, a person who represents more than one insurance company, and a bank or broker-dealer in securities that sells any covered product of an in- surance company.

  • Insurance Company The Transferee is an insurance company whose primary and predominant business activity is the writing of insurance or the reinsuring of risks underwritten by insurance companies and which is subject to supervision by the insurance commissioner or a similar official or agency of a state, U.S. territory or the District of Columbia.

  • Insurance Consultant or "consultant" means a person who:

  • Standard Hazard Insurance Policy means a fire and casualty extended coverage insurance policy in such amount and with such coverage as required by this Agreement.

  • Insurance Advisor means Aon Risk Services and any replacement thereof appointed by the Required Secured Parties and, if no Event of Default shall then be occurring, after consultation with the Borrower.

  • Insurance means (i) all insurance policies covering any or all of the Collateral (regardless of whether the Collateral Agent is the loss payee thereof) and (ii) any key man life insurance policies.

  • Reinsurance means the activity consisting in accepting risks ceded by an insurance undertaking or by another reinsurance undertaking or, in the case of the association of underwriters known as Lloyd's, the activity consisting in accepting risks, ceded by any member of Lloyd's, by an insurance or reinsurance undertaking other than the association of underwriters known as Lloyd's;

  • Insurance Trustee means an entity authorized to carry on the business of a trust company under the laws of Alberta selected from time to time on resolution of the Board, whose duties include the receiving, holding and disbursing of proceeds of policies of insurance pursuant to these Bylaws and the Act. If no Insurance Trustee is appointed, then the Insurance Trustee shall be the Board;

  • Specified Insurance Company means any Entity that is an insurance company (or the holding company of an insurance company) that issues, or is obligated to make payments with respect to, a Cash Value Insurance Contract or an Annuity Contract.

  • R&W Insurance Policy has the meaning set forth in Section 6.8.

  • insurance period means a contribution period or an equivalent period;

  • Insurance producer means a person required to be licensed under the laws of this state to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance, including annuities.

  • Insurance Rent the aggregate in each year of the gross cost of the premium before any discount or commission for the insurance of:

  • Credit unemployment insurance means insurance:

  • Company Insurance Policies has the meaning set forth in Section 4.15.

  • Reinsurers shall be understood to mean “Reinsurers”, “Underwriters” or whatever other term is used in the attached reinsurance document to designate the reinsurer or reinsurers.