Definition of Insurance Management Agreement

Insurance Management Agreement means the Insurance Management Agreement, substantially in the form of Exhibit H hereto, dated as of the date hereof between the Borrower and the Servicer.
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Examples of Insurance Management Agreement in a sentence

Each of the BCR Management Agreement and the BCR Underwriting and Insurance Management Agreement is in full force and effect.
In the event that this Agreement is terminated pursuant to Section 7.02(a)(i), the Termination Fee is payable only under the terms of the Underwriting and Insurance Management Agreement and shall not be payable under the terms of this Agreement, it being understood that in no event shall Parent be required to pay the Termination Fee on more than one occasion.
No Default, Event of Default, Manager Default, Manager Event of Default, event listed in Section 3.01(b)(i)-(v), inclusive, of the Administrative Services Agreement or event listed in Section 6.02(a)-(g), inclusive, of the Insurance Management Agreement shall exist or be continuing either prior to or after giving effect thereto.
For the purpose of a Service Provider Failure Event, Service Provider means each of the Insurance Manager and the Reset Agent, and Service Provider Agreement means the Insurance Management Agreement and the Reset Agent Agreement, as the case may be.