Definition of Inspecting Architects/Engineers

Inspecting Architects/Engineers means the inspecting architects and/or engineers, if any, specified by Lender from time to time.
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Examples of Inspecting Architects/Engineers in a sentence

Lender may require, at Borrowers expense, an inspection of, and favorable report upon, the Project, as built at the time of the Draw Request, by the Inspecting Architects/Engineers prior to making any Additional Advance.
Lender shall not be obligated to inspect the Land or the construction of the Improvements, nor be liable for the performance or default of Borrower, Architect, the Inspecting Architects/Engineers, Contractor, or any other party, or for any failure to construct, complete, protect, or insure the Improvements, or for the payment of costs of labor, materials, or services supplied for the construction of the Improvements, or for the performance of any obligation of Borrower whatsoever.