Definition of Initial System Project

Initial System Project means a joint project to develop and put into commercial operation the Initial System, as more particularly described in the Initial System Product Plan.
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Examples of Initial System Project in a sentence

For avoidance of doubt, for the Initial System Project, D-R shall have the right in its sole discretion to make the decision to replace the E-C Products with Plan B.
The Leased KG2-3GEF shall be utilized by E-C in accordance with the Initial System Project Plan.
The Parties will adopt and include in the Initial System Project Plan measures and procedures to safeguard the value of the Joint Inventions.
Initial System Project shall be in an amount equal to the total order value of the D-R Purchase Order for E-C Products applicable thereto.
Parties shall monitor the Initial System Project Plan and any changes thereto, and each Party agrees to notify the other Party by written correspondence to the designated project leaders of each Party within five business days of that Party's knowledge of any factor, occurrence, or event coming to its attention that may affect its ability to meet the requirements of the Initial System Project Plan or that is likely to cause any material delay in achieving any of the Milestones.