Definition of Initial Subsidiary Guarantors

Initial Subsidiary Guarantors means each Restricted Subsidiary of the Trust on the Closing Date other than the Issuer and the Redearth Partnership.
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Initial Subsidiary Guarantors means Enco Manufacturing Company, Inc., Sid Tool Co., Inc., J&L America, Inc. and MSC Contract Management, Inc.

Examples of Initial Subsidiary Guarantors in a sentence

The obligations of the Initial Subsidiary Guarantors hereunder are absolute and unconditional irrespective of the value, genuineness, validity, regularity or enforceability of the Indenture or this Note, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, irrespective of any circumstance whatsoever which might otherwise constitute a legal or equitable discharge or defense of a surety or guarantor.
Each of the Initial Subsidiary Guarantors will Guarantee the Notes, and the Indenture requires the Company to cause any other Person that becomes a Restricted Subsidiary after the Closing Date to execute and deliver to the Trustee a supplemental indenture pursuant to which such Restricted Subsidiary will Guarantee the Notes.
Such Purchaser shall have received opinions in form and substance satisfactory to such Purchaser, dated the date of the Closing (a) from Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, counsel for the Company and the Initial Subsidiary Guarantors, and from Janet D.
The financing obtained through the Notes will materially benefit the Initial Subsidiary Guarantors as members of the Group, since it will effect a strengthening of the financial structure of the Group through an extension of the duration of existing financing arrangements.
Neither any Initial Subsidiary Guarantor's obligations under this Guarantee nor any remedy for the enforcement thereof shall be impaired, modified, changed or released in any manner whatsoever by an impairment, modification, change, release or limitation of the liability of the Company or by reason of the bankruptcy or insolvency of the Company.