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Informal arrangement means a paid or unpaid arrangement for shelter or utility costs that does not include the elements of a property manager's rental agreement.
Informal arrangement means an arrangement where a child is living with a family and friends carer who does not have parental responsibility for the child. References to “informal arrangements” in this guidance do not include arrangements where the child is looked after by the local authority or where the child is privately fostered, placed for adoption, or subject to a residence or a special guardianship order. The legislation which governs these arrangements does not apply to an informal arrangement
Informal arrangement means a paid or unpaid arrangement for shelter or utility costs that does not include the elements of a "property manager’s rental agreement" as defined in this rule.

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  • An em- ployer, a lodge, union, or other organi- zation may pay SMI premiums on be- half of one or more enrollees.(b) Informal arrangement.

  • Informal arrangement" means a paid or unpaid arrangement for shelter or utility costs that does not include the elements of a "property manager’s rental agreement" as defined in this rule.

  • Informal arrangement" means a paid or unpaid arrangement for shelter or utility costs that does not include the elements of a property manager's rental agreement.

  • Table 1: Types and sources of help Formal arrangement Home care Informal arrangement Notes:1.

  • Is this arrangement due to lastmore than 28 days.NoYes YesNoNo identified role for CS at this time.Dept undertakeI.A. and C.A. Informal arrangement with relative, PF,SGO, RO, Adoption.

  • Informal arrangement made with no referral or intervention from DeptCarer may make application for legal order e.g. RO or SGO.

  • Figure 2Prime contractors use different arrangements to involve other organisations in delivering Pathways to WorkFormal contract – 15% Informal arrangement – 55% Service Level Agreement – 31% NOTE1 Base: All prime contractors providing a response, 26.

  • Type of Business 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Informal arrangement Sole trader or partnership Private Limited Company business Landlords (base: 402) Something else Amongst the small number of landlords that were private limited companies, a broad spread of company ages was apparent, but with 49% having been established as a private limited company for more than 10 years and only 1% for fewer than 2 years.

  • Informal arrangement relating to cooperation between the American Embassy, or Consulate, and Panamanian authorities when American merchant seamen or tourists are brought before a magistrate’s court.

  • Informal arrangement, HGGT Board has no decision-making powers and underpinned by non-legally binding memoranda of understanding agreements between the Councils.

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Informal arrangement means an unwritten arrangement between or among the Company and any other Person or Persons.

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  • legal arrangement means a trust or other similar arrangement;

  • Travel Arrangements means: (a) transportation; (b) accommodations; and (c) other specified services arranged by the Travel Supplier Exchange Company for Your Trip. Air arrangements covered by this definition also include any direct round trip air flights booked by others, to and from Your Scheduled Trip Departure and return cities, provided the dates of travel for the air flights are within 7-14 total days of Your scheduled Trip dates.

  • Access Arrangement means the current access arrangement approved in respect of the network under the Code.

  • Memorandum of Understanding means that certain predecessor agreement between the Parties to develop this Joint Operating Agreement dated February 27, 2004.

  • Unit Price Arrangement means that part of the Contract that prescribes the product of a price per unit of measurement multiplied by a number of units of measurement for performance of the Work to which it relates;

  • Tax Sharing Arrangement means any written or unwritten agreement or arrangement for the allocation or payment of Tax liabilities or payment for Tax benefits with respect to a consolidated, combined or unitary Tax Return which includes the Company.

  • Arrangement Agreement means the arrangement agreement made as of December 15, 2019, among the Corporation, Cineworld Group plc, and 1232743 B.C. Ltd (including the schedules thereto) as it may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time in accordance with its terms;

  • Compensation Arrangement means any direct or indirect compensatory payment or other financial agreement, arrangement or understanding with any person or entity other than the Corporation, including any agreement, arrangement or understanding with respect to any direct or indirect compensation, reimbursement or indemnification in connection with candidacy, nomination, service or action as a nominee or as a director of the Corporation;

  • Letter of Understanding means the written agreement signed by the School District and the Architectural Designer that describes, attaches, incorporates, or explains the Scope or Scope of Work, the Task Order, the Project Schedule or Work Schedule, the basis of the applicable Fee method, and other requirements for individual Projects assigned by the School District.

  • Implementation Plan means the schedule included in the Statement of Work setting forth the sequence of events for the performance of Services under the Statement of Work, including the Milestones and Milestone Dates.

  • Tripartite Agreement means the Tripartite Agreement dated as of the date of this Agreement among Lessor, Lessee and Remainderman.

  • Premarital agreement means an agreement between prospective spouses made in contemplation of marriage and to be effective upon marriage.

  • Management Arrangements means the arrangements for the strategic management of the relationship between the Authority and the Contractor, including arrangements for monitoring of the Contractor’s compliance with the Statement of Requirements, the Service Levels, the Award Procedures and the terms of this Framework Agreement, set out in Schedule 4.

  • admission arrangements means the arrangements for a particular school or schools which govern the procedures and decision making for the purposes of admitting pupils to the school;

  • Implementation Grant means payments towards Recurrent Expenditure incurred for the establishment of the Academy prior to it opening.

  • Implement of husbandry means a vehicle that is designed for agricultural purposes and

  • Letter of Undertaking means the letter of undertaking from, amongst others, the Issuer and its Managing Directors to the Initial Purchaser, Investment Manager and the Trustee.

  • Arrangement Resolution means the special resolution approving the Plan of Arrangement to be considered at the Company Meeting, substantially in the form of Schedule B.

  • Treasury Management Arrangement means any agreement or other arrangement governing the provision of treasury or cash management services, including deposit accounts, overdraft, credit or debit card, funds transfer, automated clearinghouse, zero balance accounts, returned check concentration, controlled disbursement, lockbox, account reconciliation and reporting and trade finance services and other cash management services.

  • netting arrangement means an arrangement under which a number of claims or obligations can be converted into a single net claim, including close-out netting arrangements under which, on the occurrence of an enforcement event (however or wherever defined) the obligations of the parties are accelerated so as to become immediately due or are terminated, and in either case are converted into or replaced by a single net claim, including ‘close-out netting provisions’ as defined in point (n)(i) of Article 2(1) of Directive 2002/47/EC and ‘netting’ as defined in point (k) of Article 2 of Directive 98/26/EC;

  • Management Plan means a plan to manage the activities and protect the special value or values in an Antarctic Specially Protected Area or an Antarctic Specially Managed Area.