Indian Government Instrumentality definition

Indian Government Instrumentality means the GOI, Government of Punjab, and any ministry or, department or board or agency other regulatory or quasi-judicial authority controlled by GOI or Government of the State where the Procurer and Project are located and includes the Appropriate Commission;
Indian Government Instrumentality means the Government of India, State Government and any Ministry or Department or Board or Agency controlled by Government of India or State Government where the project is located, or regulatory or quasi-judicial authority constituted under relevant statues in India;
Indian Government Instrumentality means Government of India (GOI), Government of State (s) of Maharashtra and any ministry, department, board, authority, agency, corporation, commission under the direct or indirect control of Government of India or any of the above State Government (s) or both, any political sub- division of any of them including any court or Appropriate Commission (s) or tribunal or judicial or quasi- judicial body in India but excluding the Seller and Procurer;

Examples of Indian Government Instrumentality in a sentence

Imposition of Port Congestion Charges has been levied by Indian Railways (Railway Board) pursuant to Section 30-32 of Railways Act, 1989 and was issued subsequent to the Cut-Off Date under the PPAs. The Ministry of Railways, Government of India has been held to be a Indian Government Instrumentality and qualifies as Law as defined under the PPAs.

Hence, an event arising from the actions of an Authority covered within the definition of Indian Government Instrumentality would be covered within the definition of “Change in Law”.

To be considered a Change in Law event, it is imperative that the event is caused by an Indian Government Instrumentality.

Therefore, any increase in charges post the Cut- off date, as a result of any notification issued by an Indian Government Instrumentality has to be treated as a Change in Law event.

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