Definition of Incremental Loan Lenders

Incremental Loan Lenders means (a) on any Incremental Loan Effective Date, the Lenders signatory to the Incremental Loan Activation Notice and (b) thereafter, each Lender that has made, or acquired pursuant to an assignment made pursuant to Section 13.06(b), an Incremental Loan.

Examples of Incremental Loan Lenders in a sentence

The Incremental Loan Commitment of each Incremental Loan Lender is set forth opposite such Incremental Loan Lender's name on the signature pages hereof after the words "Incremental Loan Commitment".
The Administrative Agent shall have received a favorable written opinion (addressed to the Administrative Agent and the Series A Incremental Loan Lenders and dated the Series A Closing Date) of each (i) Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., in substantially the form of Exhibit B-1 and (ii) Debevoise & Plimpton, special New York counsel for the Borrower, in substantially the form of Exhibit B-2.
Common Shares means the shares of Common Stock (i) purchased by the Investors pursuant to the Purchase Agreement and (ii) issued to the Investors upon exercise of the Warrants held by the Investors as Incremental Loan Lenders.
The Series A-1 Commitments of each Series A-1 Lender constitute Incremental Loan Commitments, the Series A-1 Lenders constitute Incremental Loan Lenders and the Series A-1 Loans constitutes a single "Series" of Incremental Loans under Section 2.01(d) of the Credit Agreement.
The Company hereby promises to pay to the Administrative Agent for account of the Incremental Loan Lenders of each Series the principal of the Incremental Loans of such Series in installments in such amounts and on such dates as shall be agreed upon at the time the Incremental Loan Commitments of such Series shall be established pursuant to Section 2.01(b).