In the area definition

In the area means where ODFW has determined the presence of the depredating wolves. A XXXX FOR AN ACT Relating to wolves; creating new provisions; amending ORS 498.012; and declaring an emergency. Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:

Examples of In the area in a sentence

  • In the area of sustainability, Raiffeisen KAG also attends so-called “stakeholder forums” which provide an excellent platform for a dialogue with stakeholders such as suppliers, clients, employees, representatives of authorities and other investors.

  • In the area of business dialogues, Raiffeisen KAG distinguishes between pro-active and reactive engagement.

  • In the area between roadways of a divided highway, including crossovers.

  • It also relates to communications between ourselves and the water company concerned.2. In the area covered by Welsh Water this information is handled pursuant to a legal obligation.3. Outside the Welsh Water area we handle this information to establish liability for water charges in our own legitimate interests and those of the water company concerned.

  • In the area south of Hypoluxo Road, Mae Volen Senior Center, Inc.

  • In the area of consumer credit, a new campaign was successfully tested in April, in four branches in Vienna and, in June, it was extended to the entire territory of Austria.

  • In the area of enforcement, the Sunshine Amendment requires that there be an independent commission (the Commission on Ethics) to investigate complaints concerning breaches of public trust by public officers and employees other than judges.

  • In the area of quality and standards, the Section prepared an international seminar on the Establishment and Enhancement of Competitive Systems Aimed at Tourism Quality in Africa (Algiers, 15 May), a regional consultation on standards and quality systems in tourism (Bogotá, Colombia.

  • In the area lying within the limits of the horizontal zone and conical zone, no permit shall be required for any tree or structure less than seventy-five feet of vertical height above the ground, except when, because of terrain, land contour, or topographic features, such tree or structure would extend above the height limits prescribed for such zones.

  • In the area of employer contributions for in- surance, pensions, welfare programs and other similar ‘‘fringe benefits’’ the employer will not be considered to have violated these guidelines if his contributions are the same for men and women or if the resulting benefits are equal.

Related to In the area

  • the Area means the area for which for the time being the Appointee holds the appointment as water undertaker or, as the case may be, sewerage undertaker;

  • Downtown area means the business area of a community that is centrally located within the community within the context of the Iowa main street program.

  • Shopping Center means the Shopping Center identified on the initial page hereof.

  • Acre or "Acreage" means the land area of an Assessor's Parcel as shown on an Assessor's Parcel Map, or if the land area is not shown on an Assessor's Parcel Map, the land area shown on the applicable final map, parcel map, condominium plan, or other recorded County parcel map.

  • taxiway means a defined path on a land aerodrome established for the taxiing of aircraft and intended to provide a link between one part of the aerodrome and another, including:

  • Quarry means a pit, excavation, or other place made by any means for the purpose of removing Construction Materials or a site identified for such purposes, and includes works, machinery, plants, and buildings below or above ground belonging to or used in connection with a Quarry.

  • Shopping Centre means one or more buildings, or part thereof containing a group of separate permitted commercial uses having a total floor area in excess of 550 square metres, which is maintained as a single comprehensive unit and located on a single lot, such lot being held and maintained under one ownership or under condominium ownership pursuant to the Condominium Act, as amended from time to time, or any successors thereto.

  • harbour means the port or harbour at or near Port Hedland or such other port or place mutually agreed on and serving the Company’s wharf;

  • Terrace means a relatively level step constructed in the face of a graded slope surface for drainage and maintenance purposes.

  • Car Park means all bays, building, equipment, surrounding fixtures, fencing and all property;

  • Youth center means any public or private facility that is primarily used to host recreational or social activities for minors, including, but not limited to, private youth membership organizations or clubs, social service teenage club facilities, video arcades, or similar amusement park facilities.

  • Through highway means a highway or part of a highway designated as such by the Minister of Transportation of Ontario or by by-law of a municipality, and every such highway shall be marked by a stop sign or yield right-of-way sign in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry;

  • Conifer means a tree that is a Douglas-fir, true fir, pine, western hemlock, spruce, or cedar.

  • CPN is a Common Channel Interoffice Signaling ("CCIS") parameter which refers to the number transmitted through a network identifying the calling party.

  • Urban area means Maricopa and Pima counties, excluding Tribal Lands.

  • Leash means a leash, cord, chain, or other comparable material which must be of a gauge suitable for controlling said dog and shall not be longer than six feet.

  • Harbour Master means the ABP Harbour Master or Dock Master for the Port (as appropriate) or their authorised representative;

  • Shoreland means land, as defined in Minn. Stat. § 103F.205, subd. 4, located within 1,000 feet from the normal high water mark of a lake, pond, or flowage and 300 feet of a river or stream or the landward side of floodplain delineated by ordinance on such a river or stream, whichever is greater.

  • Highway means the entire width between the boundary lines of every way or place open to the use

  • Primary highway means any highway, other than an inter- state highway, at any time officially designated as a part of the fed- eral−aid primary system by the department and approved by the appropriate authority of the federal government.

  • communal land means land under the jurisdiction of a traditional council determined in terms of section 6 of the Eastern Cape Traditional Leadership and Governance Act, (Act 4 of 2005) and which was at any time vested in -

  • public road means a road as defined by the Road Traffic Xxx 0000;

  • Mineral means gas, oil, and coal; other gaseous, liquid, and solid hydrocarbons; oil shale; cement material; sand and gravel; road material; building stone; chemical raw material; gemstone; fissionable and nonfissionable ores; colloidal and other clays; steam and other geothermal resources; and any other substance defined as a mineral by a law of this state.

  • Tract means 2 or more parcels that share a common property line and are under the same ownership.

  • Adjacent area means the area outside the affected area or permit area where air, surface or ground water, fish, wildlife, vegetation or other resources protected by Chapter 1513. of the Revised Code, determined according to the context in which "adjacent area" is used, are or reasonably could be expected to be adversely affected by proposed coal mining and reclamation operations including probable impacts from underground workings. With respect to underground mining operations, "adjacent area" shall include, at a minimum, the surface areas above full coal recovery areas.

  • Bay means parking bay;