Definition of Improvement Contract

Improvement Contract means a Supply Contract, a Construction Contract or a Professional and Specialty Services Contract, respectively.

Examples of Improvement Contract in a sentence

A Public Improvement Contract, if Awarded, must be Awarded to the Responsible Bidder submitting the lowest Responsive Bid, or to the Responsible Proposer submitting the best Responsive Proposal.
The parameters of the Public Improvement Contract are those characteristics or specifics that are announced in the Solicitation Document.
The Findings may also describe anticipated characteristics or features of the resulting Public Improvement Contract.
Lessor shall manage the construction of the Tenant Improvements for a construction management fee of 2.5% of the Tenant Improvement Contract amount (as the same may change by agreement of the parties) due and payable in nine equal monthly installments beginning on the first day of the calendar month following the calendar month in which the Budget is first approved.
If a Contracting Department applies the MBE/FBE subcontracting Bid Discount to the bid of a Bidder that would not have otherwise been the lowest and the Bidder is awarded the Public Improvement Contract, the City shall retain as Additional Retainage an amount equal to the total dollar amount by which the bid was adjusted for bid comparison in addition to the contract retainage required under Section 185.41 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Cleveland.