Definition of IBM Deliverables

IBM Deliverables means the information, materials and tools supplied to Customer by IBM, as set forth in Part B of this Attachment, including, without limitation, IBM Design Kits, ASIC tool kits, and Prototype devices.
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Examples of IBM Deliverables in a sentence

The IBM Deliverables and Transmeta Deliverables, discussed in Section 2.0 and deliverables disclosed under a Section 4.0 project agreement, contain Information which may or may not be confidential Information of the Party disclosing the Information.
IBM will provide all IBM Deliverables to Vision in accordance with the Schedule in Section 8.0 and the specifications described in this SOW.
Title to any IBM Deliverables that constitute goods passes to the Customer upon tender to the carrier for shipment to the Customer.
Unless otherwise agreed in the Statement of Work, any IBM Deliverables that constitute goods (under Incoterms 2000) will be shipped to Customer Ex Works IBM facility.
Statement of Work or SOW means any document attached or otherwise incorporated into an Attachment which specifies the details of a specific work task and describes the IBM Deliverables, including any requirements, specifications or schedules.