Honorary Member definition

Honorary Member means an individual appointed as such under rule 6.6.
Honorary Member means an individual who has been admitted to Honorary Membership pursuant to Article 9.
Honorary Member means an honorary member as contemplated by Article 8.8;

Examples of Honorary Member in a sentence

  • Any Member may be elected an Honorary Member by the passing of a resolution by the Board of Directors.

  • Person in Charge." Each boat must have a Person in Charge that is a WYC Full, Annual, or Honorary Member onboard for each race, except a boat may substitute a WYC Crew Member for the Full, Annual or Honorary Member as a Person in Charge onboard up to three times per season (excluding designated Women’s races).

More Definitions of Honorary Member

Honorary Member means a person who has or can offer some necessary skill or service to SSLSC and has been accepted to that category of membership by the General Meeting.
Honorary Member or “Honorary Life Member” means a person who is not a Member, who upon the recommendation of the Committee or upon a written nomination signed by not less than five (5) Members, is elected by a resolution passed in General Meeting by a majority of not les than three-fourths (3/4 ths) of the Members voting in person thereat as an Honorary Member for Life or for such lessor period as may be so determined and who, in the opinion of such Meeting, has rendered outstanding services to the Club, or to the promotion and encouragement of the breeding or exhibition of pure bred dogs or for other good and sufficient reason and who need not comply with the provision of Rule 6.
Honorary Member means an Honorary Member of the League admitted under National Rule 14.
Honorary Member means a person within the category of Honorary Membership of the Society as defined in s10A of the Legal Profession (Society) Rules 2007 who holds an Australian Practising Certificate;
Honorary Member means an individual who satisfies the requirements of these By-laws for such designation;
Honorary Member means a member admitted to honorary membership of the Company in accordance with article 25.1.3;
Honorary Member means a member of the Association that holds full speaking rights at meetings of the Members, but does not have the right to vote in elections, referenda, or meetings of the Members;