Home care attendant services definition

Home care attendant services means all of the following as provided by a home care attendant:

Examples of Home care attendant services in a sentence

  • Home care attendant services include, but are not limited to, tasks that would otherwise be performed by an RN or an LPN at the direction of an RN.

  • Home care attendant services include, but are not limited to, tasks that would otherwise be performed by an RN or LPN at the direction or an RN.

  • Home care attendant services are services provided to a consumer enrolled on the Ohio home care waiver by an unlicensed non-agency provider in accordance with this rule.

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  • Home care attendant services are services provided to an individual enrolled on a waiver by an unlicensed non-agency provider in accordance with this rule.

  • Home care attendant services are services provided to a consumer enrolled on the transitions carve-out waiver by an unlicensed non-agency provider in accordance with this rule.

  • Home care attendant services provided pursuant to the Ohio home care waiver.

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