Definition of HMK International

HMK International means HMK International Holdings, B.V., a Netherlands corporation.
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Examples of HMK International in a sentence

Seller shall transfer title to and ownership of the HMK International Shares to Buyer, which transfer shall be effectuated by execution of the Deed of Transfer at the offices and in the presence of civil notary Ms. C.
International is exempt under the provisions of the Exemption Regulation dated 26 June 2002 relating to the Act on the Supervision of the Credit System 1992 (Vrijstellingsregeling wet toezicht kredietwezen 1992) from the prohibition (of operating without a banking license) laid down in section 6 subsection 1 of such Act and HMK International has at all relevant times been in compliance with the applicable requirements under such Exemption Regulation.
HMK International shall acknowledge the transfer of the HMK International Shares by co-signing the Deed of Transfer.