Hill’s definition

Hill’s means Hill’s Pet Nutrition Sales, Inc.
Hill’s. , “We”, “us” and “our” means RJ Hills Laboratories Limited, New Zealand registered company no. 537931, and its agents, successors or assigns.

Examples of Hill’s in a sentence

  • Hills Title: Vice President Title: Attorney-In-Fact Xxxxxxx & Xxxx, Inc.

  • Hills Title: Attorney-In-Fact Title: Attorney-In-Fact Ivy Investment Management Company By: /s/ Xxxxx X.

  • Please contact the ADA Coordinator, Hills- borough County Courthouse, 800 E.

  • Its Group Insurance Service Office address is 8801 Indian Hills Drive, Omaha, Nebraska 68114-4066.

  • Hills Title: Vice President Title: Attorney-In-Fact Wxxxxxx & Rxxx, Inc.

  • Welcome to a meeting of the Board of Education of Somerset Hills.

  • Hills Title: Attorney-In-Fact Title: Attorney-In-Fact Ivy Investment Management Company By: /s/ Wxxxx X.

  • The City of Beverly Hills (“City”), its elected officials, officers, attorneys, agents, employees, and volunteers are additional insureds (the above named additional insureds are hereafter referred to as the “Additional Insureds”) under the Policy in relation to those activities described generally above with regard to operations performed by or on behalf of the Named Insured.

  • In connection with the quarterly report of Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc.

  • This is a meeting of the Board of Education of Somerset Hills at which formal action may be taken.

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