High Speed One definition

High Speed One or "HS1" means the High Speed One network;
High Speed One or “HS1” means the High Speed One network;
High Speed One or "HS1" means the High Speed One network; "High Speed Domestic Services" "High Speed DS Rolling Stock" means Passenger Services which use the HS1 for some part of their route; means those rolling stock vehicles used by the Franchisee to provide High Speed Domestic Services;

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  • The profit split method would allow the digital PE to share in the overall profits of the enterprise (called the “residual profits” in transfer pricing terminology), rather than allocating it a set percentage return over costs, or a fixed percentage of gross sales income (as with other methods).

  • The Tilbury loop of the Essex Thameside railway (London Fenchurch Street to Southend) and High Speed One railway run along the site’s southern boundary.

  • The Chief Executive of High Speed One (HS1) told us that “all of the big costs have been dealt with” and that “fitting out Stratford for trains to stop there will be … less than £10 million, so we are in small numbers versus the overall investment”.157 She made clear that her company had been involved in a number of discussions with potential international train operators, but that these had not yet come to fruition.

  • One major success of the Games was the operation of the Javelin service, using Southeastern trains on the High Speed One line to take passengers from St Pancras to Stratford in 7 minutes.

  • Examples of hybrid bills have been those to construct the Channel Tunnel, High Speed One and Crossrail.

  • That will also require track work at Ashford Internationalstation to allow trains to travel from High Speed One on to the MarshLink route.

  • By way of comparison, the latest case for High Speed Rail, which was released by DfT in February 2011, states that High Speed Two, the line to the West Midlands, will have a BCR of just over 2, which is also similar in magnitude to the BCR for High Speed One.

  • For example, where interlockings were developed prior to these standards or for different standards (such as on London Underground or High Speed One).

  • With improved transport connections, there are new opportunities to attract investment from London to the High Speed One Corridor – taking advantage of the sustained growth of Britain’s only world city.

  • As part of the extension deal Southeastern will now pay compensation to passengers if they experience delays of more than 30 minutes in length, and will also provide a new service between Maidstone and London using High Speed One.

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  • Copper Loop is a stand-alone local loop comprised entirely of copper wire or cable. Copper Loops include two-wire and four-wire analog voice-grade copper Loops, digital copper Loops (e.g., DS0s and integrated services digital network lines), as well as two-wire and four-wire copper Loops conditioned to transmit the digital signals needed to provide digital subscriber line services, regardless of whether the copper Loops are in service or held as spares. The copper Loop includes attached electronics using time division multiplexing technology, but does not include packet switching capabilities.

  • Fossil fuel-fired means, with regard to a unit:

  • TRS means American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc., a New York corporation, and its successors and assigns.

  • Fabric refresher means a product labeled to neutralize or eliminate odors on nonlaundered fabric including, but not limited to, soft household surfaces, rugs, carpeting, draperies, bedding, automotive interiors, footwear, athletic equipment, clothing and/or on household furniture or objects upholstered or covered with fabrics such as, but not limited to, wool, cotton, or nylon. “Fabric Refresher” does not include “Anti-static Product,” “Carpet/Upholstery Cleaner,” “Footwear or Leather Care Product,” “Spot Remover,” or “Disinfectant,” or products labeled for application to both fabric and human skin.

  • High voltage bus means the electrical circuit, including the coupling system for charging the REESS, that operates on a high voltage.

  • Co-pilot means a pilot operating other than as pilot-in-command, on an aircraft for which more than one pilot is required, but excluding a pilot who is on board the aircraft for the sole purpose of receiving flight instruction for a licence or rating.

  • mean high water springs or “MHWS” means the highest level which spring tides reach on average over a period of time;

  • Operating Company means an “operating company” within the meaning of 29 C.F.R. §2510.3-101(c) of the Plan Asset Regulations.

  • Production company means a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other business entity engaged in the business of producing qualified productions and is registered with the Arkansas Secretary of State to engage in business in Arkansas;

  • MT means metric tons.

  • Flash point means the minimum temperature at which a liquid will give off sufficient vapor to form an ignitable mixture with air near the surface of the liquid or within the test vessel.

  • Source-image receptor distance means the distance from the source to the center of the input surface of the image receptor.

  • Adult motion picture theater means a commercial establishment where films, motion pictures, video cassettes, slides, or similar photographic reproductions that are distinguished or characterized by their emphasis upon the exhibition or description of specified sexual activities or specified anatomical areas are regularly shown for any form of consideration.

  • H-point means the pivot centre of the torso and thigh of the H-point machine when installed in a vehicle seat in accordance with Annex 12. Once determined in accordance with the procedure described in Annex 12, the "H" point is considered fixed in relation to the seat-cushion structure and is considered to move with it when the seat is adjusted.

  • Distribution center means a building or structure used primarily for the storage of goods which are intended for subsequent shipment to retail outlets. Distribution center does not mean a building or structure used primarily to store raw agricultural products, used primarily by a manufacturer to store goods to be used in the manufacturing process, used primarily for the storage of petroleum products, or used for the retail sale of goods.

  • Rechargeable Electrical Energy Storage System (REESS) means the rechargeable energy storage system that provides electric energy for electrical propulsion.

  • Shopping mall means an enclosed public walkway or hall area that serves to connect retail or professional establishments.

  • PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. or "PJM" means the privately-

  • Network Operating Agreement means an executed agreement that contains the terms and conditions under which the Network Customer shall operate its facilities and the technical and operational matters associated with the implementation of Network Integration Transmission Service under Tariff, Part III. Network Operating Committee:

  • Opium poppy means the plant of the species Papaver somniferum L., except the seeds thereof.

  • apron means a defined area intended to accommodate aircraft for purposes of loading or unloading passengers, mail or cargo, fuelling, parking or maintenance;

  • Winter Season means the period commencing on November 1 of any year and ending on the next succeeding March 31.

  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel means diesel fuel that has a sulfur content of no more than fifteen parts per

  • Single member limited liability company means a limited liability company that has one direct member.

  • high voltage means the classification of an electric component or circuit, if its working voltage is > 60 V and ≤ 1500 V DC or > 30 V and ≤ 1000 V AC root mean square (rms).

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