Definition of Heathorn

Heathorn means N.V. Heathorn, Inc., and its successors, assigns and transferees.

Examples of Heathorn in a sentence

Heathorn concurs with this sentiment: Our decisions about the whole of our lives are of little use or no value if we are not permitted to make the only one that really matters – the decision to die, when and with dignity.19 3.19 There was a great deal of argument presented to the Committee refuting the notion of individualism and autonomy as a justification for legalising euthanasia.
While Heathorn focuses primarily on what these changes meant for newly literate working-class children and the kind of national identity these historical readers offered, he nonetheless provides evidence of the kind of history encountered by the generations of newly literate British citizens who may have read Kipling and Nesbit, whether in book form or in The Strand.
County of Fresno (2014) 222 Cal.Appp.4th 1469, 1478-1479 (same); N.V. Heathorn, Inc.
Heathorn wrote from her home, ‘Holmwood’, in New Town, Sydney, except in 1850-53, when she was living in Bathurst.
The correspondence between Huxley and Heathorn dates from October 1847 to November 1854 and comprises 289 letters.