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Heat Exchangers means Heat Exchangers WA Pty Ltd;
Heat Exchangers means Heat Exchangers WA Pty Ltd; and

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Material Code should be painted on big size spares, such as Heat Exchangers, Pipe Fittings etc.

Gas Heat Exchangers – Provide manufacturers optional stainless steel heat exchangers with a minimum ten (10) year warranty.

NTU methods for the design of Double Pipe and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Analogy between heat and momentum transfer, Boiling and condensation heat transfer, single and multiple-effect evaporators.

Any type of occupancy type or any other facility having one or more Double-walled Heat Exchangers which use any chemical, additive, or corrosion inhibitor, etc., in the heating or cooling medium and whichdoes not have a path to atmosphere with a readily visible discharge19.

Solar Energy System/With Collectors, Connectors, Relays, Contractors, Solar Panels, Heat Exchangers/ Sun Collectors/Panel and related Accessories for Hot Water, Heating, Light Power etc.

A dedicated scale inhibitor cum dispersant program shall be included in the program for dispersion of iron, general scale, and sludge to take care of chances of scaling / deposition inside Heat Exchangers, Condenser and Tower Fill Packs.

NTU methods for the design of Double Pipe and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

Any type of occupancy type or any other facility having one or more Single-walled Heat Exchangers which uses any chemical, additive, orcorrosion inhibitor, etc., in the heating or cooling medium18.

PAMC 16.09.205(a) Cooling Systems, Pools, Spas, Fountains, Boilers and Heat Exchangers It shall be unlawful to discharge water from cooling systems, pools, spas, fountains boilers and heat exchangers to the storm drain system.

Water Supply to Steam and Hot Water Heating Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Chilled Water Systems, etc.

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Heat Exchangers means heat transfer equipment installed by the Licensee at the Intake Station. “Intake Station” means the site within the Premises in which the Heat Exchangers shall be housed.
Heat Exchangers means the 1200 series heat exchangers.

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Sewage treatment plant means any arrangement of devices and structures used for treating sewage.
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