Hearings Officer definition

Hearings Officer means a person from time to time appointed by Council pursuant to the Hearings Officer By-law;
Hearings Officer means a Hearings Officer appointed under the City’s Hearings Officer By-law A.-6653-121, as amended;

Examples of Hearings Officer in a sentence

When an appeal hearing date before the Hearings Officer has been set or fixed, and the Owner having been provided with written notice referred to in 10.0(4), and the Owner fails to attend at the appointed time, place and date, the Hearings Officer may proceed in their absence and the Owner will not be entitled to any further notice in the proceedings.

After the requestor has exhausted all BES administrative review, the requestor may file for an appeal of a decision with the Code Hearings Officer (CHO) per Portland City Code Title 22.

At the conclusion of the appeal hearing, the Hearings Officer may give their decision orally or reserve such decision, but in either case shall provide the decision in writing, with reasons, within fourteen (14) days of the hearing to the Owner and the Director of By-law and Compliance, Licensing and Permit Services.

Where the Owner who holds the permit requests a hearing before the Hearings Officer within the required time period, the Director of Development Engineering, shall notify the Owner of the time, place and date of the appeal hearing.

A copy of the completed checklist will be made available at the Hearings Officer hearing and at TRPA.

More Definitions of Hearings Officer

Hearings Officer means the person or persons recommended by the Citizen Campaign Commission and appointed by the City's Code Hearings Officer to review cases and make determinations as outlined in Section 2.10.230.
Hearings Officer means the City Council, or an outside party not affiliated with the City, that is hired or selected to conduct an appeal proceeding.
Hearings Officer means a Person appointed by Council to perform the duties of a Hearing Officer for the purposes of this By-law;
Hearings Officer means the person designated by the Port to whom an appeal for the revocation or suspension of a Permit is to be addressed or the person authorized to hold a tow appeal hearing and render a decision as described in the Code and Charter of the City 16.30.450E (as amended), Hearing Administration and pursuant to any intergovernmental agreements between the City and the Port with respect to Permits or tow hearings.
Hearings Officer means a planning and zoning hearings officer appointed or des- ignated by the governing body of a county under ORS 215.406.
Hearings Officer means a person or persons duly designated and authorized by the commission to conduct proceedings on matters within the jurisdiction of the commission for purposes of taking testimony and to report the person's findings and recommendations to the commission.