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Heading Paragraph. Special Representation" Section 8.01 "State Tax Adjustment" Section 5.01A(a) "Subsidiary" Section 3.03 "Surviving Company" Section 1.01 "Tarxien" Section 3.08 "Tax Benefit" Section 8.02 "Tax Return" Section 3.18(i) "Taxes" Section 3.18(i) "Taxing Authority" Section 5.02B "Tecstar Canada" Section 3.08 "Tecstar USA" Section 3.08 "Third Party Claim" Section 8.06 "Unaudited Financial Statements" Section 3.06
Heading Paragraph. California Leased Premises" Section 1.01(c) "Candie's" Heading Paragraph "Candie's Common Stock" Section 2.01 "Closing" Section 6.01 "Closing Date" Section 6.01 "Closing Price" Section 2.01 "Company" Heading Paragraph "Company Disclosure Schedule" Article III "CPA Firm" Section 2.03 "Escada" Heading Paragraph "Exchange Act" Section 4.06 "Excluded Assets" Section 1.02 "Excluded Liabilities" Section 2.05 "Existing Inventory" Section 8.06(a) "GAAP" Section 4.06 "Indemnitee" Section 7.05(a) "Indemnitor" Section 7.05(a) "Interim Balance Sheet" Section 3.07 "Losses" Section 7.02(a) "Xxxx Downs" Section 3.08 "Nasdaq" Section 2.01 "Product" Whereas Clause 1 "Purchase Price" Section 2.01 "Purchased Assets" Section 1.01 "Real Property Lease" Section 3.04 "Registration Rights Agreement" Section 8.04 "Registration Statement" Section 8.04 "Release Consideration" Section 2.04 "Reset Price" Section 2.02(a) "SEC" Section 4.06
Heading Paragraph. Audited Closing Balance Sheet" Section 2.04(a)(ii) "Audited Statements" Section 3.06 "Barrington" Article XI "Basket" Section 9.04 "Business" Whereas Clause 1 "Cash Portion" Section 2.01(a)(i) "Cash/Stock Ratio" Section 2.01(a) "Certificate" Section 2.03(a) "Certificate of Designation" Section 2.01(a)(ii)(B) "Certificate of Merger" Section 1.02 "Closing" Section 7.01 "Closing Date" Section 7.01 "Closing Stock Price" Section 1.01(a) "Code" Whereas Clause 4 "Common Stock Stated Value" Section 2.01(a)(ii)(A) "Commonly Controlled Entity" Section 3.19(c) "Company" Heading Paragraph "Company Benefit Plans" Section 3.19(c) "Company Common Stock" Whereas Clause 2 "Company Convertible Preferred Stock" Whereas Clause 2 "Company Expense Payments" Section 13.01(b) "Company Non-Compete" Section 3.09(c) "Company Non-Voting Common Stock" Section 3.02 "Company Preferred Stock" Whereas Clause 2 "Company Redeemable Preferred Stock" Whereas Clause 2 "Company Stock Option" Whereas Clause 2 "Company's Agreements" Section 3.09 "D&T" Section 2.04(a)(ii) "Damon" Section 3.09(c) "Damon Non-Compete" Section 3.09(c) "Damon Purchase Agreement" Section 3.09(c) "DGCL" Section 1.01 "Disclosure Schedule" Article III "Disposition" (or "Dispose") Section 8.01 "E&Y" Section 2.04(a)(iv) "Effective Time" Section 1.02 "Environmental Claims" Section 3.27(f)(i) "Environmental Laws" Section 3.27(f)(ii) "Environmental Permits" Section 3.27(f)(iii) "ERISA" Section 3.19(c) "Escrow Agent" Section 2.05(a) "Escrow Agreement" Section 2.05(a)

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  • The amount of the deduction, to be made from each certification until its amortization, shall be increased by the corresponding interest rates.

  • SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:Table of Contents Heading Paragraph No.

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  • This project consist of 11 single family detached homes and the developer is WWA Development LLC. Amount of assistance will also be based on client’s ratios.ONCE A CONDITIONAL LOAN COMMITMENT LETTER HAS BEEN ISSUED BY THE FL CRA : Certain items are requiredfor processing final approval.

  • Heading Paragraph 3(c)(13) andparagraph 1 under that heading is added.■ c.

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Heading Paragraph. Holder Releases" Section 7.02(f) "Holder Representative" Heading Paragraph "Holder Representatives" Heading Paragraph "HSR Act" Section 3.05(a) "IBCL" Section 1.01 "Indemnitee" Section 9.06(a) "Indemnitor" Section 9.06(a) "Independent Firm" Section 2.04(a)(iv) "Intellectual Property Rights" Section 3.14 "IRS" Section 3.19(c)(i) "Key Employee" Section 3.19(a) "knowledge" Section 13.16 "Leased Real Property" Section 3.10(b) "Letter Agreement" Section 2.05(b) "Licenses" Section 3.15 "Liens" Section 3.05(b) "Losses" Section 9.02 "M&P" Section 3.06 "Material Adverse Effect" Section 13.17 "Merger" Section 1.01 "Merger Consideration Per Common Share" Section 2.01(b)(iii) "Merger Consideration" Section 2.01(a) "NHTSA" Section 3.23 "Non-Competition Agreements" Section 7.02(d) "Objection Notice" Section 2.04(a)(iii) "Open Purchase Orders" Section 3.09(b) "Optionholders" Heading Paragraph "Outside Date" Section 10.01(iv) "Owned Real Property" Section 3.10(a) "Parent" Heading Paragraph "Parent Common Stock" Whereas Clause 2 "Parent Preferred Stock" Whereas Clause 2 "PCBs" Section 3.27(e) "Permitted Liens" Section 3.05(b)
Heading Paragraph. Holder Releases" Section 7.02(d) "Holder Representative" Heading Paragraph "IBCL" Section 1.01 "Indemnitee" Section 8.04 "Indemnitor" Section 8.04 "Independent Firm" Section 2.01(c)(iv)
Heading Paragraph. Special Representations" Section 9.01 "Stock Portion" Section 2.01(a)(ii) "Stock Restriction Agreement" Section 8.02 "Summit Holders" Section 8.02 "Surviving Corporation" Section 1.01 "Tax Benefit" Section 9.02 "tax return" Section 3.18(f) "taxes" Section 3.18(f) "Third Party Claim" Section 9.06(b) "Unaudited Statements" Section 3.06
Heading Paragraph. IBCL" Section 1.01 "Indemnitee" Section 8.04 "Indemnitor" Section 8.04 "Independent Firm" Section 2.01(c)(iv)
Heading Paragraph. Audited Closing Balance Sheet" Section 2.02(c)(ii) "Audited Statements" Section 3.06
Heading Paragraph. Share Payment" Section 2.01 "Third Party Claim" Section 7.05(b) "Transaction Documents" Section 1.02 When used in this Agreement, the following terms shall have the respective meanings specified therefor below (such meanings to be equally applicable to both the singular and the plural forms of the terms defined):
Heading Paragraph. Special Representation" Section 8.01 "Surviving Corporation" Section 1.01 "State Tax Adjustment" Section 5.01A(a) "Tax Benefit" Section 2.01(e) "tax return" Section 3.18(i) "taxes" Section 3.18(i) "Taxing Authority" Section 5.05A "Third Party Claim" Section 8.04(b) "Unaudited Statements" Section 3.06