Definition of HCC Average Closing Price

HCC Average Closing Price means the aggregate volume weighted average per share price of the closing prices of HCC Common Stock on the NASDAQ Global Select Market for the twenty (20) consecutive trading days ending on the fifth (5th) business day immediately before the Closing Date (rounded to two decimal places) whether or not trades occurred on those days (subject to adjustment as provided below, provided, however, that if no trades of HCC Common Stock occur on a given trading day than the closing price on the next preceding day when a trade shall have occurred shall be deemed to be the closing price on such day for the purposes this Agreement). In the event HCC pays, declares or otherwise effects a stock split, reverse stock split, reclassification or stock dividend or stock distribution with respect to HCC Common Stock between the date of this Agreement and the Closing Date, appropriate adjustments will be made to the HCC Average Closing Price.
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