(h) The term definition

(h) The term  joint research agreement’ means a written con- tract, grant, or cooperative agreement entered into by 2 or more persons or entities for the performance of experimental, develop- mental, or research work in the field of the claimed invention. ‘‘(i)(1) The termeffective filing date’ for a claimed invention
(h) The term  joint research agreement’ means a
(h) The term . ‘Project Officer’’ means the person who monitors the technical aspects of contract performance. The Project Officer is not authorized to issue any instructions or directions which cause any increase or de- crease in the scope of work which would re- sult in the increase or decrease in the price of this contract, or changes in the delivery schedule or period of performance of this contract. If applicable, the Project Officer is not authorized to receive or act upon any no- tification or revised cost estimate provided by the Contractor in accordance with the Limitation of Cost or Limitation of Funds clauses of this contract.’’

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(h) The term . Consumer Price Index’ means
(h) The term . Commission' means the agency created by Article IX of this Compact for the administration thereof.
(h) The term  subsystem’ means a func- tional grouping of items that combine to perform a major function within an end item, such as electrical power, attitude con- trol, and propulsion.
(h) The term  sexual orientation’ means homosex-
(h) The term  technical review’ means a
(h) The term  sexual orientation’ means
(h) The term  credit elsewhere’ means—