Definition of GSA Tenant

GSA Tenant shall mean the tenant under the GSA Lease.

Examples of GSA Tenant in a sentence

Rent and other amounts due by the GSA Tenant under the GSA Lease will be prorated as of the Closing Date and will be paid to the party entitled to receive such payment promptly upon being collected.
Neither the GSA Tenant nor, to Sellers knowledge, any other person has any purchase option, termination option, right of first refusal, right of first offer or similar right to purchase the Property or any portion thereof.
None of Sellers interest in the GSA Lease or of Sellers right to receive the rentals payable by the GSA Tenant thereunder has been assigned, conveyed, pledged or in any manner encumbered by Seller, other than as collateral for the First United Construction Loan.
If, as of the Closing, the GSA Tenant has failed to pay any amounts due and payable thereunder in any months prior to the month in which the Closing occurs identified by Seller in writing at Closing (the Delinquent Rents) shall remain Sellers property.
After Closing, Seller shall be entitled to commence and/or continue any collection efforts against the GSA Tenant, including, but not limited to, commencing and/or continuing prosecuting a lawsuit, so long as such lawsuit is for money damages only and does not seek the remedy of eviction.