Definition of Ground Lease Estoppels

Ground Lease Estoppels means estoppel certificates from all lessors under the Ground Leases in a form reasonably acceptable to Parent.

Ground Lease Estoppels means estoppel certificates from the lessor of a Ground Lease, substantially in the form of Exhibit A attached hereto or in such other form as may be attached to the applicable Ground Lease.

Ground Lease Estoppels means, for each of the Ground Leases other than the Radian Ground Lease, an estoppel from the applicable landlord under such Ground Lease covering the landlord or lessor estoppel items set forth in the applicable Ground Lease, or if such items are not included in the applicable Ground Lease, an estoppel covering the items set forth on Annex H attached hereto.

Examples of Ground Lease Estoppels in a sentence

The Parties shall jointly pursue the Ground Lease Estoppels, Tenant Estoppels, Recognition Agreements, SNDAs and assignment and subordination of property management agreements reasonably requested by Parent or a Debt Financing Source.
Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain and to deliver to Purchaser the Ground Lease Estoppels.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Purchase Agreement, the parties acknowledge and agree that updated Ground Lease Estoppels and updated Condominium Certification and Estoppels, dated as of December 1, 2007 will be delivered by Seller within thirty (30) days after Close of Escrow.
Buyer agrees to make representatives available for all meetings with Ground Lessors concerning requests for Ground Lessor’s Consents and Ground Lease Estoppels.
Within five (5) business days of the Effective Date, Sellers shall deliver the draft Buyer Proposed Ground Lease Estoppels to Buyer for Buyer’s review and approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld (it being agreed that if Buyer fails to object (specifying its reasons) to any such Buyer Proposed Ground Lease Estoppel by the expiration of such five (5) Business Day period, Buyer shall be deemed to have approved the form and substance of such Buyer Proposed Ground Lease Estoppel).