Gross Commission Revenue definition

Gross Commission Revenue means the amount paid by BROKER’s customer minus the amount paid to the motor carrier to which BROKER tenders the shipment minus other costs related to the shipment.

Examples of Gross Commission Revenue in a sentence

  • For the full and proper performance of the services required of CONTRACTOR under this Agreement with respect to CONTRACTOR Shipments, BROKER shall compensate CONTRACTOR in the amount of ( %) of the Gross Commission Revenue BROKER collects on any CONTRACTOR Shipment BROKER brokers to another motor carrier.

  • For the full and proper performance of the services required of CONTRACTOR under this Agreement with respect to CONTRACTOR Shipments, BROKER shall compensate CONTRACTOR in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the Gross Commission Revenue BROKER collects on any CONTRACTOR Shipment BROKER brokers to another motor carrier.

  • He will be eligible to receive annual bonuses calculated as a percentage of annual salary based on meeting or exceeding certain revenue and operating income targets for APSL as described in the table below:APSL Gross Commission Revenue (000): Bonus Percentage<$2,564 .

Related to Gross Commission Revenue

  • Adjusted gross receipts means the gross receipts less winnings paid to wagerers.

  • CAISO Revenues means the net amount resulting from (a) the credits and other payments received by Buyer, as Seller’s Scheduling Coordinator, as a result of test energy from the Project delivered by Seller during the Test Period, including revenues associated with CAISO dispatches and (b) the debits, costs, penalties and interest that are directly assigned by the CAISO to the CAISO Global Resource ID for the Project for, or attributable to, scheduling and deliveries from the Project under this Agreement, which amount may result in a negative or positive value.

  • Gross Rooms Revenue means all revenues derived from the sale or rental of Guest Rooms (both transient and permanent) of the Hotel, including revenue derived from the redemption of points or rewards under the loyalty programs in which the Hotel participates, amounts attributable to breakfast (where the guest room rate includes breakfast), Mandatory Guest Fees, late cancellation fees, and guaranteed no- show revenue and credit transactions, whether or not collected, at the actual rates charged, less allowances for any Guest Room rebates and overcharges, and will not include taxes collected directly from patrons or guests. Group booking rebates, if any, paid by you or on your behalf to third-party groups for group stays must be included in, and not deducted from, the calculation of Gross Rooms Revenue.

  • Gross Revenue shall be determined on a cash basis. The Management Fee shall be paid promptly at the end of each calendar quarter and shall be calculated on the basis of the "Gross Revenue" of such preceding quarter. The Management Fee shall be paid to each U-Haul property manager herein identified based on the Gross Revenue of each respective Property for which such property manager is responsible as set forth on Exhibit A hereto. Each property manager agrees that its monthly Management Fee shall be subordinate to that month's principal balance and interest payment on any first lien position mortgage loan on the Property. It is understood and agreed that the Management Fee will not be reduced by the cost to Owner of those employees and independent contractors engaged by or for Owner, including but not limited to the categories of personnel specifically referred to in Section 2(d). Except as provided in this Section 4, it is further understood and agreed that U-Haul shall not be entitled to additional compensation of any kind in connection with the performance by it of its duties under this Agreement.

  • Adjusted Gross Sales means the amount of gross sales invoiced by a Developing Party, its Affiliates (which, with respect to Roche Bioscience, shall include Genentech for purposes of this Section 1.2 only), or sublicensees for a Product to Third Parties less deductions of returns (including withdrawals and recalls), rebates (price reductions, including Medicaid and similar types of rebates, e.g. chargebacks), volume (quantity) discounts, discounts granted at the time of invoicing, sales taxes and other taxes (other than income taxes), all to the extent directly linked to and included in the gross sales amount as computed on a product by product basis for the countries concerned.

  • Adjusted gross income means that term as defined in section 62 of the internal revenue code of 1986.

  • Ceding Commission means [REDACTED]. ]

  • TIF Revenues means incremental ad valorem taxes generated on the Redevelopment Project Property by the Project which are to be allocated to and paid to the Authority pursuant to the Act.

  • Operating Revenue means in any single fiscal year during the effective term of this Agreement, the total revenue generated by Party B in its daily operation of business of that year as recorded under the “Revenue of Principal Business” in the audited balance sheet prepared in accordance with the PRC accounting standards.

  • Net Revenue means an entity’s total revenue less its operating expenses, interest paid, depreciation, and taxes. “Net Revenue” is synonymous with “Profit.”

  • Gross Income from Operations means all income, computed in accordance with GAAP, derived from the ownership and operation of the Properties from whatever source, including, but not limited to, the Rents, utility charges, escalations, service fees or charges, license fees, parking fees, rent concessions or credits, and other required pass-throughs, but excluding sales, use and occupancy or other taxes on receipts required to be accounted for by Mortgage Borrower to any Governmental Authority, refunds and uncollectible accounts, sales of furniture, fixtures and equipment, Insurance Proceeds (other than business interruption or other loss of income insurance), Awards, security deposits, interest on credit accounts, utility and other similar deposits, payments received under the Mortgage Interest Rate Cap Agreement, interest on credit accounts, interest on the Mortgage Reserve Funds, and any disbursements to Mortgage Borrower from the Mortgage Reserve Funds. Gross income shall not be diminished as a result of the Security Instruments or the creation of any intervening estate or interest in a Property or any part thereof.

  • Tax Revenue means, with respect to the Project Area, (a) those tax revenues referred to (1) in the last sentence of the first paragraph of Article VIII, Section 12 of the Constitution of the State and (2) in Section 18-2147, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, as amended, and (b) all payments made in lieu thereof.

  • Gross income means the same as it does for income tax purposes, even if the income is not actually taxable, such as interest on tax-free bonds. Examples include: compensation for services, income from business, gains from property dealings, interest, rents, dividends, pensions, IRA distributions, social security, distributive share of partnership gross income, and alimony, but not child support.

  • Gross receipts tax means any gross receipts, sales, use, excise, value added or any similar tax.

  • Gross Revenues means all revenues and receipts of every kind derived from operating the Hotel and all departments and parts thereof, including, but not limited to: income (from both cash and credit transactions) from rental of Guest Rooms, telephone charges, stores, offices, exhibit or sales space of every kind; license, lease and concession fees and rentals (not including gross receipts of licensees, lessees and concessionaires); income from vending machines; income from parking; health club membership fees; food and beverage sales; wholesale and retail sales of merchandise; and service charges; provided, however, that Gross Revenues shall not include the following: gratuities to employees of the Hotel; federal, state or municipal excise, sales or use taxes or any other taxes collected directly from patrons or guests or included as part of the sales price of any goods or services; proceeds from the sale of FF&E; interest received or accrued with respect to the funds in the Reserve or the other operating accounts of the Hotel; any refunds, rebates, discounts and credits of a similar nature, given, paid or returned in the course of obtaining Gross Revenues or components thereof; insurance proceeds; condemnation proceeds (other than for a temporary taking); or any proceeds from any Sale of the Hotel or from the financing or refinancing of any debt encumbering the Hotel.

  • Sales Tax Revenues means such tax collections realized under the Virginia Retail Sales and Use Tax 847 Act (§ 58.1-600 et seq.) of this title, as limited herein. "Sales tax revenues" does not include the revenue 848 generated by (i) the one-half 0.5 percent sales and use tax increase enacted by the 1986 Special Session 849 of the General Assembly which shall be paid to the Transportation Trust Fund as defined in 850 § 33.1-23.03:1, nor shall it include (ii) the one 1.0 percent of the state sales and use tax revenue 851 distributed among the counties and cities of the Commonwealth pursuant to subsection D of § 58.1-638 852 on the basis of school age population, (iii) the revenue generated by the 0.3 percent sales and use tax 853 increase enacted by the 2013 Session of the General Assembly, or (iv) any sales and use tax revenues 854 generated by increases imposed by the 2013 Session of the General Assembly and allocated to the 855 Northern Virginia Transportation Authority Fund established under § 15.2-4838.01 or the Hampton 856 Roads Transportation Fund established under § 33.1-23.5:3. For a public facility that is a sports facility, 857 "sales tax revenues" shall include such revenues generated by transactions taking place upon the 858 premises of a baseball stadium or structures attached thereto.

  • Total Revenue bears the same meaning assigned to this expression in the Codes of Good Practice on Black Economic Empowerment, issued in terms of section 9(1) of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act and promulgated in the Government Gazette on 9 February 2007;

  • Gross Operating Revenues means, for any period of time for any Hotel Property, without duplication, all income and proceeds of sales of every kind (whether in cash or on credit and computed on an accrual basis) received by the owner (or, if such Hotel Property is ground leased, the ground lessee) of such Hotel Property or the applicable Operating Lessee or Manager for the use, occupancy or enjoyment of such Hotel Property or the sale of any goods, services or other items sold on or provided from such Hotel Property in the ordinary course of operation of such Hotel Property, including, without limitation, all income received from tenants, transient guests, lessees, licensees and concessionaires and other services to guests at such Hotel Property, and the proceeds from business interruption insurance, but excluding the following: (i) any excise, sales or use taxes or similar governmental charges collected directly from patrons or guests, or as a part of the sales price of any goods, services or displays, such as gross receipts, admission, cabaret or similar or equivalent taxes; (ii) receipts from condemnation awards or sales in lieu of or under threat of condemnation; (iii) proceeds of insurance (other than business interruption insurance); (iv) other allowances and deductions as provided by the Uniform System in determining the sum contemplated by this definition, by whatever name, it may be called; (v) proceeds of sales, whether dispositions of capital assets, FF&E or equipment (other than sales of Inventory in the ordinary course of business); (vi) gross receipts received by tenants, lessees (other than Operating Lessees), licensees or concessionaires of the owner (or, if such Hotel Property is ground leased, the ground lessee) of such Hotel Property; (vii) consideration received at such Hotel Property for hotel accommodations, goods and services to be provided at other hotels although arranged by, for or on behalf of, and paid over to, the applicable Manager; (viii) tips, service charges and gratuities collected for the benefit of employees; (ix) proceeds of any financing; (x) working capital provided by the Parent Guarantor or any Subsidiary of the Parent Guarantor or the applicable Operating Lessee; (xi) amounts collected from guests or patrons of such Hotel Property on behalf of tenants of such Hotel Property and other third parties; (xii) the value of any goods or services in excess of actual amounts paid (in cash or services) provided by the applicable Manager on a complimentary or discounted basis; and (xiii) other income or proceeds resulting other than from the use or occupancy of such Hotel Property, or any part thereof, or other than from the sale of goods, services or other items sold on or provided from such Hotel Property in the ordinary course of business. Gross Operating Revenues shall be reduced by credits or refunds to guests at such Hotel Property.

  • Planning Commission means a plan commission under s. 62.23, or if none a board of public land commissioners, or if none a planning committee of the local legislative body.

  • Gross Sales means the sum total of all retail sales of tangible personal property or services as

  • Approved Operating Expenses means Operating Expenses incurred by Borrower which (i) are included in the Approved Annual Budget for the current calendar month, (ii) are for real estate taxes, insurance premiums, electric, gas, oil, water, sewer or other utility service to the Property, (iii) if applicable, are for property management fees payable to Manager under the Management Agreement, such amounts not to exceed three percent (3.0)% of the monthly Gross Revenue, (iv) or (v) have otherwise been approved by Lender.

  • Annual Division of Revenue Act means the Act of Parliament, which must be enacted annually in terms of section 214 (1) of the Constitution;

  • Selling Commission means three percent (3%) of the gross proceeds of Shares sold pursuant to this Agreement, or as otherwise agreed between the Company and the Agent with respect to any Shares sold pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Net Cash From Operations means the gross cash proceeds from Company operations less the portion thereof used to pay or establish reserves for all Operating Expenses, all as determined by the Manager. “Net Cash from Operations” shall not be reduced by depreciation, amortization of intangible assets, cost recovery deductions, or similar allowances, but shall be increased by any reductions of reserves previously established.

  • Sales Revenue means receipts from the sale, lease, or rental of goods, services, or property;

  • future net revenue means a forecast of revenue, estimated using forecast prices and costs or constant prices and costs, arising from the anticipated development and production of resources, net of the associated royalties, operating costs, development costs, and abandonment and reclamation costs;