Definition of Griffin Pipeline

Griffin Pipeline means the transmission pipeline that is the subject of Western Australian Pipeline Licence 19 from time to time, together with compressors, regulators, metering equipment and all other ancillary equipment.
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Examples of Griffin Pipeline in a sentence

This Access Arrangement applies to the Tubridgi Pipeline System, which is comprised of the Tubridgi Pipeline (WA PL16) and the Griffin Pipeline (WA PL19).
Tubridgi Pipeline System DBP Development Group (wholly owned by the DUET Group) Length: 87km Constructed: 1991 The TPS is built parallel to the Griffin Pipeline, constructed in 1994.
A map illustrating the route of the Tubridgi Pipeline and Griffin Pipeline is included as Annexure A to this Access Arrangement.
Light regulation 2008 Commencement of the National Gas Law and National Gas Rules 2005 Revocation of coverage Tubridgi Pipeline and Griffin Pipeline Tubridgi gas processing facility (25km south of Onslow) to Compressor Station 2 on the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline, Western Australia Revoked 2005 Coverage Dawson Valley Pipeline Dawson River Gas Processing Facility to the Queensland Gas Pipeline at the Jemena Moura meter station.