Grants Manual definition

Grants Manual means the Recipient’s manual for Part B.5(d) of the Project, in form and substance satisfactory to the Association, and containing or referring to detailed arrangements and procedures for the implementation of Part B.5(d) of the Project, including: (i) institutional administration, coordination and day-to-day execution of activities of Part B.5(d) of the Project; (ii) disbursement and financial management;

Examples of Grants Manual in a sentence

A proposal for a demand-driven content development initiative shall be carried out pursuant to the terms and conditions to be described in more detail in the Grants Manual.

Based on the appraisal and recommendation of the MCT, in accordance with sub- paragraph (b) of this paragraph, the proposal shall be approved in accordance with the thresholds to be specified in the Grants Manual.

Without limitation upon the provisions of Section 1.A of this Schedule, the Recipient shall appraise, approve and monitor proposals for demand-driven programs for public or private sector participants for development of content under Part B.5(d) of the Project, and administer the Grants in accordance with the provisions and procedures set forth or referred to in this Section E and to be established in more detail in the Grants Manual.