Graduate Group definition

Graduate Group means a group established pursuant to rule 3.9.
Graduate Group means the four groups of graduates we have investigated, i.e. graduates of two study field in two year cohorts. It is used in this chapter to avoid repeating all the percentage numbers of four groups.
Graduate Group means a group established pursuant to rule 3.10.

Examples of Graduate Group in a sentence

The qualifications of all committee members must be evaluated and approved by the Graduate Group Chair or designee.

Prior to convening a student committee for advancement to candidacy exam, the Faculty Advisor, the Graduate Group Chair, and the graduate student must sign the Statement on Conflict of Interest form that is included in the Advancement to Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy form.

A third examination may be given only with the approval of the Graduate Group committee and the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Education.

Here, defendants’ notice to Apple failed to comply substantially those elements, so plaintiffs’ DMCA claim fails.

The Graduate Group Staff assists students with identifying appointments and general university policies.The Mentoring Guidelines are appended to this document as Appendix C.

Recommended committee membership is reviewed by the Chair of the Graduate Group and sent to the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Education for final approval.

The IHGG takes the Faculty Senate Graduate Council Mentoring Guidelines as the framework for an effective student-advisor relationship.The Graduate Advising Committee and the Graduate Group Chair are additional resources for answering academic questions and for resolving conflicts between students and advisors.

Upon completion of the qualifying examination and all other Graduate Group requirements for Advancement to Candidacy, the results should be submitted to the Graduate Division on the Qualifying Examination Report Form.

It is the responsibility of the Graduate Group unit to notify the Graduate Division via the Change of Degree form so that the student's record may be updated to reflect the student's degree status.

All such requests must be submitted in writing by the Chair of the Graduate Group to the Graduate Dean at least two weeks prior to the date of the exam to allow a reasonable time for review.

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Graduate Group means a group of graduate students recognised and approved by the MGA.

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